Party planning is such a fun hobby.  The only problem is if you like it as much as I do, you often find there are too many great theme ideas for just one party.  But you don’t always have to choose…some themes can work together.  I have two boys, so I have always wanted to do a Little Man party.  I adore this Mr. Man Birthday Bash and this roundup of little man party ideas on Oopsey Daisy.  I also loved the idea of a Milk & Cookies theme, especially for babies.  I have seen beautiful examples of this theme for baby showers and toddler birthday parties.

In the end, I decide to do a party-theme mashup.  My theme became the Little Man’s Milk & Cookies party.  These two themes were perfect for a mashup, because the milk & cookies part provided a food theme, while the little man theme was great for invitations and decor.  I also sprinkled in a few ideas from great “one year in a flash” parties featured on my party mood board.

Most of the milk and cookies parties I have seen have a brown and white color theme with polkadots.  It seems natural to go along with the milk colors.  I like to be anything but predictable.  I wanted a little more pop.  I chose a modern, fun color scheme of aqua, grey, and yellow.

Little Man Milk and Cookies Birthday

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