I love pillows (and I wish my husband let me have more). I recently managed to sneak in a few colorful pillows to the family room. The room, although bold, is a relatively neutral pallet of dark grey and white with a dash of wood on the mantle and built-ins. I have been craving more color in there and the pillows were a perfect opportunity.  My family room inspiration board called for a bold pop in the accessories.

Bold Pillow in Eames Chair

I am drawn to bold colors and patterns. Pillows are the perfect place for color and pattern, because when I tire of them I can swap them out easily and inexpensively. Since I know how to sew, and also own a wonderful serger, I refuse to purchase pillows. They are just too easy and inexpensive to make on my own to justify buying designer pillows.  Plus if I make my own I can use any fabric I want.  Note: You will notice in the pictures I am totally allergic to ironing.  We lived in a very relaxed home when it comes to wrinkle control.

Decorative Pillows

In this case, I used some regular home decor fabric (yellow zig zag by Premier Prints at Hancock Fabrics) and I used cloth napkins.  The napkins are part of the DwellStudio for Target line and are actually designed to coordinate with the Prakesh tablecloth I used on the dining room chair slipcovers.  I thought it was a great idea to bring the same colors into the family room, which is right next to the dining room (remember our floor plan?).  The napkins were $9.99 for four.  I used two napkins per pillow cover, so each cover was less than $5 to make.  The yellow zig zag was on sale for 50% off.  I grabbed one yard for $9.99.  I only made one cover in the zig zag (which migrates from the Eames chair to the couch often), but I have plans for the remnant.  I estimate the total cost for all three pillow covers was about $15.  I already had the pillow inserts, although I am looking for recommendations on new ones…these got lumpy in a matter of days and no amount of fluffing brings them back to life.

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  1. Samantha says:

    I love the zig zag pillow!!! Looks very expensive. I thought I was the ONLY one allergic to ironing :D

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