Sorting mail is no fun.  But that does not mean it can’t be pretty.  To be totally truthful…we do not have the perfect system…not even close.  The mail still piles up, things still get lost, and it always drives me nuts.  All we can do is try to be better…to immediately sort, throw away the junk mail, and put the keep pile away.  That is where my mail sorting solutions come in.

Faux Book for Mail Sorting

First is the “mail box”.  This is the in box where we put incoming mail if we can’t sort it right away.  Unfortunately, it is also where some mail stays way too long.  Sometimes the box overflows with mail on top of the box or on the surrounding counter.  (Okay, by sometimes I really mean all the time).

The “mail box” started out life looking like the before picture above.  I found it for $6 at HomeGoods.  The size was perfect.  It can hold catalogs and large envelopes.  I hated the cover, but loved the faux pages that looked like a big weathered phonebook.  I recovered just the cover of the box with some Martha Stewart wrapping paper I have had for years.  I used mod podge to make it extra durable.  I also added little felt feet to the box to set it on the counter.

Mail Sorting

The location of the box is important.  It is on the end of the island right as you walk into the kitchen from the mud room.  It is also sitting just above the pullout cupboard that has our trash and recycling bin.  Ideally, the mail would be sorted initially to recycle the junk mail and remove the stuff that should be shredded.  The rest would go in the box until there is time to go through it more thoroughly (or when we are looking for a bill).

Hanging Wall Pockets

The next step in the mail sorting includes these great hanging sorters by Real Simple from Target.  I hung three of them on the oven wall.  This wall is just off the mud room and barely in the kitchen.  It is easily accessible, but out of view when you are in the kitchen or living room.

Hanging Canvas Wall Pockets

I labeled the three sorters “do”, “read”, and “keep”.  When I actually have time to really sort the mail, I put all the bills that need to be paid or mail I need to respond to in the “do” bin.  I also put coupons in there so I can grab them quick if we are on the way out to a particular store.  In the “read” bin I put my favorite catalogues, newsletters, etc that I want to read later.  In the “keep” bin I put all the paid bills, statements, etc that we want to keep.  Things stay here temporarily (okay, usually months and months) until they can be filed away in the office.  I am going to admit, these wall pockets were so full recently that they fell off the wall.  The top pocket is hanging from 3M adhesive hooks and I exceeding the weight with my un-filed mail.  I rehung them and now have motive to keep them under control.

Mail sorter in mud room

I am trying my best to keep the mail clutter at bay, but for now I am just happy to keep it pretty :)  The label holders on these wall pockets inspired the other pops of teal and lime in the mud room makeover.




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7 Responses to Pretty Mail Organization

  1. sara says:

    this is RAD!
    i’ve been needing to do this… well… forever.
    and i just keep *not* doing it – which is a little crazy considering my love for organizing!
    i’m totally inspired now!

  2. Tabitha says:

    LOVE that little wall organizer, glad you shared where you got it! Mail is such a pain, we never have had a great system. Your mud room is making me ubber jealous… ours is tiny and not our current entrance… you lucky duck!

  3. Jeanette says:

    Love your blog. I have a tray on my ottoman full of mail. Snagged one of the boxes from home goods today. Wish me luck, I’ve never mod podged before. The box colors are horrible so if I i mess it up, at least it was only $6

  4. karen says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this wall pocket – it is exact design & colors i’ve wanted. I have been looking for LONG time & finally found it!…Now it seems unavailable :( any help at all in locating one would be fabulous.

    • Jackie says:

      Karen, If you haven’t already, I would check your local Target store. These don’t appear to be online anymore, but sometimes they can still be in stores. I saw one of these with purple trim just a few weeks ago in my local store. They are in the home office section. Good luck!

  5. Casey says:

    I have a problem with mail, too. It just seems to grow and spread over any available surface! I’ll definitely look for those pockets next time I’m at Target. Thanks for the tip!

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