I have been daydreaming of a white…Halloween.  I am calling it White & Natural.  I feel my kids are too young for scary and gory.  I also want to do something outside the traditional colors.  I have been collecting a bunch of ideas this season.  I know Halloween is just a few days away and I still have one costume to make.  I will be happy if I can do even one of the things on this inspiration board.  We started a tradition last year to have my family over for Halloween dinner.  Then my family passes out candy at our house, while we take the boys trick-or-treating.  It was so much fun last year.  Hopefully the mini party will give me some motivation to get a few of these projects done.  I think I am going to start with the ones the kids will love most and can help with…I am looking at you mummy juice boxes!

White Halloween Mood Board

  • The Broomstick Donuts, via Hostess with the Mostess, are adorable and look super easy to make.  I plan to use all white powdered donuts for my White & Natural theme.
  • The Caramel Apple Cupcakes , via The TomKat Studio, just looks delicious!  Some white or brown paper cupcake liners will make them fit right in.
  • Love the Mummy Drink Boxes, via Blue Cricket Designs.  This will be a fun little craft with the boys and they will look forward to having their mummy juice with Halloween dinner.
  • I really want to do this Creepy Candy, via House of Smiths.  It is so creative.  It is hard to read in the picture above, but the candy labels say things like “crow bones” for the white chocolate covered pretzels and “hollowed frogs eyes” for the gummy apple rings.  I know my son will love shopping for the candy and making the labels.
  • I am pretty sure I will not get around to this Spider Web CheeseCake, via Babble, but it looks so yummy.  I just noticed I am planning a dinner party, but only have ideas for sweet treats.  Oh well, that is the fun of Halloween.
  • The Deranged Halloween Centerpiece, via Martha Stewart, is low on my priority list, but I think it is a great last minute idea.
  • I want to make these Trash Bag Spider Webs, via How About Orange, with my 4-year old.  I think we will try white trash bags, which we already have on hand and will go with White & Natural theme.  I also have some of the faux spider web to spread about.
  • I already have a little project underway inspired by these Mercury Glass Candle Holders, via Martha Stewart.  Hopefully this weekend I can find some flameless candles for my version.
I am taking Monday off and looking forward to a three day weekend to pull together this fun little Halloween get together.  I definitely want this to be about family and fun, so I will focus on the projects I can do with the kids!



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One Response to White & Natural Halloween

  1. Kori Clark says:

    I love the neutral Halloween too!! It’s simple and sweet for the little ones! Your blog is beautiful and I am so happy to have found you! I look forward to following along!

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