Just like chores in my house get forgotten, sometimes so do chores on my blog.  The most recent victim was my blog sidebar.  It was in need of a little housekeeping.

If you check out the sidebar now, you will see happy little circles of all my favorite colors.  I have had a lot of questions recently about the colors in my house, so I added the Whole House Color Scheme and Accent Color Palette to the sidebar.  Click on them to learn all about our color choices.

I also made some minor tweaks to the tabbed widget where you can subscribe to Teal & Lime, follow Teal & Lime on Facebook, or tweet with me on Twitter.  I post 5 times per week, sometimes 6, so subscribing via RSS or email is the best way to stay current.  On Facebook and Twitter I love to share links to the things that inspire me each day.  It may be another creative bloggers post, a great tutorial, or some of my Instagram photos.  I also welcome readers to ask questions or post a link to their projects inspired by Teal & Lime.

I also recently updated the tutorials page with a virtual gallery wall of favorite projects.  Click on the pictures to see the tutorial.  This is only a small set of favorites.  For the full list, click the link to see all tutorials under the frame gallery.

And, have you checked out the home tour?  Like the house, it is still a work in progress.  But for each room shown, there are three links.  One link is for the Mood Board and the other two links are for popular projects for that room.  For the completed Dining Room, the home tour page links to the reveal, the DIY project recap, and the original mood board for the room.  On the home tour page, you will also find our floor plan.

I hope these little changes make Teal & Lime easier to use and more enjoyable!  Thank you for continuing to read and comment!




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