Teal Dining Room

My teal and lime dining room is ready for it’s big reveal!  I cannot believe how far it has come since I created my dream dining room mood board.  I completed the entire dining room project list and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Dining Room Mood Board

I put the finishing touches on the room this weekend.  The final touch in the room is a vintage mirror that I grew up with.  It was from my childhood bedroom set, which was inherited.  My parents no longer have the set, but they still had the mirror.  It was the perfect amount of unique and curvy to break up all the squares going on with the board and batten and the family silhouette art.  It amps up the romance already going on in the room.

Vintage Mirror in Dining Room

Let’s take a big picture look at the completed room.  For a room made up of cool colors, it has a warm inviting feel.  The modern, eclectic look is truly personalized to represent us.  It is amazing to be in a room that feels like you.  I feel happy and inspired in this room.  I cannot wait to entertain guests here.

Teal Dining Room

Teal Dining Room

A reveal would not be complete without a before and after comparison.  It always amazes me how much bigger a space feels when it is fully furnished.  The before was so drab and lifeless.  The after is vibrant and draws you in.

Dining Room Before

Teal Dining Room

Before I could call the room done, I had to finish hanging the art and styling the accessories.  I know lots of people love to leave art leaning on a ledge, but I prefer art to be hung.  I allowed a few accessories to sit on the ledge.  I hung the silhouette art centered on the midline of the mirror.  The mirror is centered on the table and chandelier.  To create balance, since the mirror is off-centered on the long wall, I hung the three smaller canvases to the left of the mirror and the larger canvas by itself on the right side.

Silhouette Art

I made a few last minute changes to the dining room nook styling.  I removed the large platter that really did not add any visual interest.  I added this gorgeous bamboo bowl I found at Target for $20.  A trio of smoke glass ornaments from my dining room accessories play session are nestled in the bowl.

Dining Room Accessories

Dining Room Crystal Chandelier

Thank you for watching this room evolve.  I am ready to move onto my next project…the foyer.  The project list will be quite a bit shorter, but hopefully nonetheless inspiring.  In the meantime, I will be back with a post detailing all the DIY projects in the dining room and the cost breakdown.


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39 Responses to Dining Room Reveal

  1. nikki says:

    This room came together beautifully! I like EVERYTHING about it. I spotted that bamboo bowl at target last week. I’m thinking that I might have to have it once my table has been painted white.

  2. kathy weller says:

    So cute and pretty! Your room is a work of art in and of itself! I really enjoy your newfangled chandelier, and your family photo helps tie it all together too… very nice!!

  3. Jackie, what a beautiful space! Well done!

  4. Aja says:

    The room looks great! I love your wall color and that chandelier! Beautiful.


  5. Tonya says:

    I ♥ the colors! I have the same Ikea chairs (but with white legs). Your room has very cool vibe to it. Excellent job!

    • Jackie says:

      Thanks Tonya! We debated over getting the white legs too. I love how they look, but my hubby wanted to match the table. I compromised :). Thanks for reading!

  6. Jae says:

    I really like your room. I love the mirror. I like the rich wall color and the color combinations. The board & batten is great too!

  7. Chrissy says:

    I love love the colors!! You did an amazing job!!

  8. Genia says:

    I love the mix of very modern like the light fixture and the table with antique elements like mirror and silhouettes. Even a bit of old world with the cabinet. Great blend and wonderful color pattern.

  9. Oh my word. What a FABULOUS space! I adore the twine-wrapped letter and the silhouette artwork!

  10. Kahli says:

    I love teal! Loving that letter “H” wrapped in twine. Your dining room looks great.

  11. laurie says:

    Your color is really beautiful and I love the armoir. I have an armoir that is over 100 years old and made form cedar wood. I appreciate amoirs. They make a big statement in a room. Jackie, could you share the html code that makes the picture header change?

    • Jackie says:


      Thank you for your comment. The header is actually part of my WordPress theme. I use Pagelines Platform Pro. In lieu of a static header I use the feature slider that comes with the theme. Do you like it? I was just thinking I need to change up the pictures more often.

  12. Wow! It looks fabulous! Great job! I just love the blues. And that armoire is great.

  13. What a beautiful dining room! It’s so lovely and the colors are so fun! Very nice!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  14. Janny says:

    This is fantastic! Everything from the white wood work around the wall to the lights. I love it! The colors were a great choice too!

  15. Simply beautiful! I saw the photo of your dining room on Domestically Speaking, and I knew right away this color was Plumage from Martha Stewart. Here’s a link to a campaign dresser I painted with that color. http://wildwoodcreek.blogspot.com/2011/08/campaign-dresser.html

    • Jackie says:

      Thanks for sharing Katie. Your dresser turned out beautifully! I like the gold hardware. There is something magical about teal and gold together.

  16. Jenna says:

    My husband loves blue, but I avoid it because it always seems cold to me. I never know how to make blue “warm”. Well, you did it! This room seems warm and inviting to me – I want to walk right in and have a cup of coffee. You’ve inspired me to try something new – thanks!

    • Jackie says:

      Thanks Jenna. I think the warm wood tones help add a lot of warmth. I think the super saturated paint color helps too. In our guest room, yet to be shown, we painted the walls royal blue and used a dark wood bed, but the room is anything but cold. Good luck trying some new colors. Please come back and share.

  17. Your room turned out gorgeous. I am in love!

  18. Darn it girl! Quit linking up such fabulousness to my Frugal Friday party. Every week I click on an incredible post, and it’s yours!! They are ALL fabulous, but I can’t feature you every week – my readers wouldn’t like it. LOL! Seriously, though, I LOVE this room!! I’ve been in love with Plumage for a while, and trying to figure out how to incorporate it in my house. This dining room is AMAZING!!!! xoxo Wendy

  19. DIY Addict says:

    I love everything. fabulous!

  20. Hi Jackie,
    I love the dining room and you’ve inspired me to make the slipcovers. I have loved that tablecloth for a while and I adore your idea, especially since we were already going to buy the Henriksdal chairs. What color are the other chairs you have? Are they the Svanby Gray? Or, did you do them yourself?


  21. Stephanie says:

    Wow! This is exactly what I wanted to do with my dining room! It really looks great.

  22. Found you on A 2 Z and just love, love the bold color! Well, just love everything you did! Lovely!

    The board & batten really allows you to go bold without darkening the space. I can’t wait to b&b my dining and living room in 2012.

    • Jackie says:

      Thanks Linda. I just checked out your blog and am now following you in my reader. You have some great projects and I can’t wait to see more. Good luck with the board and batten, it is so worth it in the end!

  23. Los Johnsons says:

    Can you please just ship the entire room to me? The chairs are FABULOUS! Did you cover them or purchase them like that. Bravo on a job well done!

  24. Chelsea says:

    Where did you get the rug from?

  25. Samantha says:

    Love the difference from the boring building grade room! I live in a (smaller) builder house and your projects are definitely getting my wheels turning with ideas!

  26. I just adore your dining room! Love the colors and the accent pieces and the moulding … I am so pinning this!

  27. Megan says:

    Love your silhouette canvases. I have four canvases that size and I think I need to get out my paint brush for that idea! Thanks!

  28. Simply beautiful. I love your paint colors. So very classy and beautiful. I’ve always been really afraid to use bold colors in a room… but you have made this well.. work! Thanks for the inspiration. I look at this blog post everyday… very embarrassing and creepy to you.. I’m sure.

  29. Brandi says:

    Hi Jackie! Thanks so much for stopping by blog. I appreciate your comment on my wreath. Your dining room is gorgeous. You have such beautiful taste.

  30. [...] the Workroom, I wanted to do something a little different.  When I saw that Teal & Lime installed board & batten in her dining room, I loved the solution for our [...]

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