Centerpieces and floral arrangements are an easy and inexpensive way to bring some holiday cheer into any room.  For our kitchen table I was aiming for a light and airy arrangement that would look great during everyday meals.  The starting point to a great centerpiece is the container.  I grabbed this vintage milk crate and milk bottles from my party supplies.  My mom found it for me to use as a utensil holder at our Milk and Cookies party.  It has been in the cupboard ever since just screaming to get out.  For this arrangement I decided to use it with all three milk bottles.

Casual holiday floral arrangement

For the two bottles that had printed logos, I simply wrapped some decorative paper around them to conceal the printing.  The paper is Martha Stewart wrapping paper that I adore and goes perfectly with the colors in our kitchen.  I also like how the floral design takes on a snowflake like appearance when mixed with other wintry items.

Casual holiday floral arrangement

I filled the clear milk bottle with small silver jingle bells.  I first used this festive vase filler on our subtle holiday mantle.  There are not many cuter things in the world than an antique milk bottle filled with silver bells.

Jingle bell vase filler

In one of the paper wrapped bottles I arranged some white branches to give the whole arrangement some height.  I filled the other paper wrapped bottle with water and stuck in a few pine sprigs.  The milk crate is sort of an L-shape designed to hold 3 milk bottles.  In the void I added a vase of white tulips.  Nothing wrong with mixing a little springtime with a winter arrangement.  The tulips actually came from the grocery store with the pine sprigs.  I worried about putting them in a vase together because of the sap from the pine.  However, they look great together and this arrangement with a separate vase for the tulips still allowed me to display them together.

Tulip Christmas centerpiece

This simple centerpieces adds a little winter sparkle to our kitchen table.  Other than a little greenery and flowers, it was free.



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  1. Jessica says:

    I love the jingle bell vase filler – very cute!

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