Instead of buying a new changing pad cover, I upcycled muslin swaddling blankets my son was no longer using.  We stopped swaddling our son around 6 months old, but we still had a drawer full of adorable swaddling blankets.  Our changing station is from Room and Board and designed to sit on top of the dresser.  The changing pad came with the tray and is a unique size.  The changing pad, also used by our first son, had seen better days.  The original white cover had been stained.  We used it bare for a while, since it had a waterproof vinyl cover that wiped down easily.  Unfortunately, it got a tear which exposed the foam inside.  I decided to pull some of those cute swaddling blankets out of the drawer and put them on display as a changing pad cover.

DIY Changing Pad Cover

For my first cover, I chose to use one of the large Aden and Anais  muslin swaddling blankets.  They have such cute patterns.  The muslin is thin, but since the blankets are so large there is enough fabric to double up for the cover.

DIY Changing Pad Cover

I used the changing pad as a guide for cutting the fabric.  I cut two layers of the muslin fabric for the top.  I cut the fabric about a 1/2″ larger on all sides.

DIY Changing Pad Cover

To cut the back panel from white broadcloth, I made a band of folded fabric in the middle, which I would later convert to an envelope closure.  With the extra fold in the middle I cut out the changing pad shape leaving an extra 1/2″ on all sides.

DIY Changing Pad Cover

Then I opened up the piece of broadcloth and cut it in half.  I serged those two edges, which will become the opening of the envelope closure.  You could also hem with a sewing machine.

DIY Changing Pad Cover

I overlapped the broadcloth again in the center until the two pieces fit on top of the swaddling blanket fabric.  I pinned them in place.

DIY Changing Pad Cover

For maximum durability I serged the seams with an overlock stitch.  Some sewing machines have an overlock stitch or you can use a zig zag stitch.  Cutting fabric with pinking shears can also help prevent fraying at the seam.

DIY Changing Pad Cover

The changing pad cushion inserts through the envelope closure on the back.  The cover is machine washable.  The swaddling blanket had been washed previously, so it was pre-shrunk and ready to go.

DIY Changing Pad Cover

I had purchased swaddling blankets in colors that matched the decor in my son’s room.  I had no idea I would eventually make them into part of the decor, but it totally makes sense.  I may use other swaddling blankets to make pillow covers and combine a few to make a larger quilt for the crib, which is soon-to-be a toddler bed.

Do you have any other suggestions for reusing swaddling blankets?  Have you up cycled any other baby products into decor?



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3 Responses to DIY Changing Pad Cover

  1. Louisa says:

    I love those blankets. I made the receiving blankets that my sister liked the best into pajama pants for my nephew once he was past the receiving blanket phase and into wearing pajama pants. I like that the same fabric has kept him cozy twice.

    • Jackie says:


      Thanks for the tip. Making pajama pants is a fabulous idea and will be perfect in the winter with the flannel swaddle blankets.

  2. Lisa says:

    Such a great idea. I’m actually cleaning my son’s room today and decided to throw our pad out. My son is just about done with needing the pad so I thought I’d nudge him in the right direction by getting rid of our old torn one (that we had a cover on). Happy New Year!

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