This year I wanted to start a tradition of the boys exchanging handmade gifts. Of course I helped considerably with my youngest’s gift for his brother. My older son was able to offer a lot more help with his little brother’s gift.  First up was lacing cards for Jax (<2 years old) to give Pepé (4 years old).  This project is so easy, but has the power to keep little hands busy for a while.

DIY Lacing Cards

I purchased card stock shapes from Michaels. Each shape comes in a package of 10 for $1.99.  We chose stars, houses, and two types of leaves.  You can also create your own shapes on heavy duty card stock.  To keep this project as quick as possible, I opted to buy pre-cut shapes.  We used some for lacing cards, others for gift tags, and saved the rest for future art projects. I punched holes with a 1/8″ hole punch around the perimeter of each card.

DIY Lacing Cards

We cut one yard lengths of yarn to lace with. To make them easier to thread through the holes I used white electrical tape to bind the ends like shoelaces.  We included a variety of fun colors from our yarn stash in the arts and crafts storage center.  The yarn scraps were lovingly donated by Grandma who crochets towels for her Etsy shop.

Lacing cards are great for fine motor skill development.  For my very active 4 year old, I know they can keep his little hands and mind busy.  He loves to have a project to do (just like his mama).  This is a great project for him while mama sews.  The lacing cards can also be reused over and over again.  He can even color the cards if he likes.

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