We did a complete Christmas tree makeover this year.  Foregoing the blue and green ornaments we used in years past, this year I opted for a sophisticated mercury glass, white, and natural color combo.  With store bought and some DIY ornaments the entire makeover was under $100.

Mercury Glass and White Christmas Tree

First, I collected mercury glass ornaments from Target and HomeGoods:

Mercury Glass and White Christmas Tree

Mercury Glass and White Christmas Tree

Mercury Glass and White Christmas Tree

Then, I made faux ceramic animal ornaments with my son:

Faux Ceramic Animal Ornaments

Mercury Glass and White Christmas Tree

My son also helped me stuff some clear ornaments with brown paper curls:

Brown Paper Curl Ornament

In need of a quick crafty fix, I decorated the extra clear ornaments with washi tape:

DIY Washi Tape Ornaments

To add more natural tones, I crafted a couple jute wrapped ornaments:

DIY Jute Wrapped Ornaments

And for good measure, I threw on some brown paper maché ornaments.  I left them undecorated, because I think they already look fabulous and tie in with the other brown paper ornaments.

Mercury Glass and White Christmas Tree

The crowning glory for the tree is a vintage angel that my mom gave me.  I don’t know if I have ever had a Christmas without this angel atop the tree.

Mercury Glass and White Christmas Tree

The base of the tree boasts a subtle bit of color with my DIY ruched tree skirt.  It looks equally lovely with or without presents.

Mercury Glass and White Christmas Tree

And the final result:

Mercury Glass and White Christmas Tree

In the coming years I hope to add to my mercury glass ornament collection.  Next year we may also replace our scrawny tree with a much larger, fuller one.  The best part of our current tree is that it is pre-lit.  Next year I want the Christmas tree to be the showpiece in our two-story family room.  Unfortunately our current tree is only 6 ft tall and will be dwarfed in the family room.  I daydream of a 12 ft tree to tower in that room…which means I will need a lot more ornaments.

Leaving you with this really cool, almost accidental image of our tree caught in the reflection of the french doors:

Christmas Tree Reflection


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One Response to Mercury Glass and White Christmas Tree

  1. Beautiful! Of all the bloggers I follow with decorated trees (that’s a lot) yours is my favorite. I love the shimmer of the mercury glass mixed with the more organic ornaments. You surprised me by not using any color. :)

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