Yesterday when I shared the animal alphabet art I originally made for my oldest’s nursery, I got very nostalgic. I loved his nursery and have many fond memories in that room. It was bold and blue. I dug up some pictures of it to give you a little nursery tour today.

Bold Blue Nursery Tour

When we converted this room from a guest room to a nursery, we decided to change the wall color from a mid-tone almost denim-like blue to this super saturated blue.  The paint color we chose was “Space Hero Blue” from the Disney Behr collection.  It enveloped the room in deep blue.  The room received tons of natural light, so it was still nice and bright during the day.  All the white furniture also provided relief from the darker wall color.

Bold Blue Nursery

That ceiling fan was awesome for a little boys room.  It looked very spaceship like and had a ring of LED lights on the bottom.  It was fun and a bit unexpected.  The mirror over the changing table was fun too…babies love to look at themselves in the mirror.

The blue rocker is the same one that just got a slipcover makeover for the new nursery.  I loved nursing and cuddling with my baby in that rocker in front of the windows.  It was so peaceful.  We had an iPod speaker docking station on the cabinet next to the rocker to play music.

Enchanted Forest Organic Fabric

The main fabric in the room was Enchanted Forest by Mod Green Pod.  I believe this design is out of print now, but still available at NearSea Naturals.  It had the perfect coloring to go with the walls.  It set the tone for the animal theme in the room.

Modern boys nursery

Making Jax’s name bunting was not my first time to the name bunting rodeo.  I previously made name bunting for my oldest, Pepé…Pepito is a nickname meaning “little Pepé”.  There were so many personal touches in this room.  The growth chart and most of the other decor you see (pillows, curtains, fabric bucket) were all made by me.  They were part of the collection I used to sell when I owned my own shop and stayed home with my son.

Modern boys nursery

I hope you enjoyed this nursery tour as much as I have.  Although most of the main elements from this nursery are being reused in our new nursery, they have a completely different vibe.  There is nothing like remembering the original.  The new nursery is turning out fabulous too, of course, but it is different.  I enjoy remembering all the excitement and anxiousness that was a part of this first nursery and being a first time mom.

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4 Responses to Bold Blue Nursery Tour

  1. love that saturated color, what a serene and yet bold nursery space. and is it wrong to love what is apparently a child’s dresser? that two tone is right up my alley!

  2. Jessica says:

    I can’t seem to work out your eldest son’s name!! I thought I heard Pepe in the video, only to hear that’s a nickname…Then I thought Pepito, but that’s a nickname too!!!

  3. Andrew Watson says:

    I love the fan in this bedroom. I am looking for something that will be unique for my baby boy’s bedroom. Can you please share the manufacturer or source for the fan? Thank you for the great pics.

    • Jackie says:

      Andrew, I apologize I do not know the manufacturer and we sold the fan with the house about 4 years ago. All I know is we purchased it at one of our local home improvement stores (can’t remember if it was HD or Lowes).

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