A few years ago, I handmade my husband’s valentine.  I actually made him a mini book of love notes.  To keep it cool and not too cheesy, I used the most masculine scrapbook papers I could find (thank you Amy Butler for having some awesome patterns).  I also included lots of personal touches that would stir up good memories.

Love Notes Valentine

For the cover I printed “Love Notes” on a piece of scrapbook paper.  I had also printed the scrollwork with a thin grey line.  I ran it through my sewing machine and stitched right over the line.  I love the texture this added to the cover.  I attached the title piece with eyelets.

Love Notes Valentine

On the inside I used lots of pockets, envelopes, and doors to hold and hide the love notes.  Some of the love notes were a little silly…like this party invite card.

Love Notes Valentine

Other “love notes” were more serious and romantic, like where i inserted a bible verse and our wedding vows (you know, the ultimate love notes).  We got married at the base of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse.

Love Notes Valentine

On the wedding page my favorite element is the date ribbon.  I stamped a wide piece of organic twill tape with oversized numbers.  I love how the numbers overlap and disappear off the edges.  I attached the twill tape at the ends with eyelets.

This was a great project for using up random scrapbook bits and pieces.  This was also totally free and way more thoughtful than any card I could have purchased.  My hubby still keeps this in his nightstand drawer.



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