The other night I spent hours chatting up my sister as we conspired to come up with the perfect baby shower theme for our sister-in-law. I am so excited to be co-hosting a little soiree for my out of town SIL. She will be coming to town just for the celebration with our side of the family.

Since we don’t know the gender yet and we were eager to start planning, we looked for a theme that we could adapt to the gender later. We both fell for the “She is Going to Pop” theme. It is a nice framework idea we can build from and take in so many directions.

I have been pinning ideas like crazy to support this theme. As much as I love Pinterest, I still prefer to pull everything together into a custom mood board. I want to really capture the feeling we are after for the party.

Here is what we are going for:

She is going to pop baby shower

Balloon Invitations, Candy Drop Cupcake Toppers, Mobile Decor, Floating Balloons, Push Pop Treats, Popcorn Buffet, Cake Pops, Poppin’ Punch, Diaper Cake

We still have a few months before the party and will hopefully know the gender ahead of time. Until then we are honing in on a few color palettes. We like yellow, aqua, and teal for a boy or yellow, orange, and fuscia for a girl. We are using yellow either way, so we can start stocking up on some yellow stuff in advance.

I will be back to share more along the way. Can you tell I am excited to host my first baby shower?



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2 Responses to She Is Going To Pop Baby Shower Inspiration

  1. jessica w. says:

    It is funny that you picked this theme, because last year we copied this same theme for a baby shower! We used different colors though. You can see all we did below!

  2. Lauri says:

    Hi! Do you have the templates for the labels! LOVE the idea! Super cute! Thanks for sharing!

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