My house was covered in bugs Saturday morning to celebrate my youngest turning 2!  We had big bugs, little bugs, and edible bugs.  From bug decor to bug food, we had it covered.

Bug Party Decorations:

My favorite decorations for this party, was oddly not bug-related.  In the spirit of the paper lantern chandelier on the bug party inspiration board, I gathered all the paper lanterns I had along with some wicker balls to make my own paper lantern chandelier.  I used jute twine to hang the lanterns from a curtain rod bracket (I have yet to uninstall since taking down the curtains in the family room months ago).  I tried to vary the size and height of the lanterns.  I ended up with this big, happy blob of colored globes in the corner of the living room.

Paper Lantern Chandelier

Paper Lantern Chandelier

Onto the bug-related decor, I made a simple centerpiece from a green trough-like container I found on clearance at HomeGoods.  I added the remaining wicker balls, which were too small for the chandelier.  I topped the wicker balls with some bugs, big and small, I found in the dollar bins at Target.

Bug Party Centerpiece

For extra bug credit, I switched up a few things on the spring mantel.  I replaced the wooden eggs in the hurricane with a giant grasshopper, also from the Target dollar bins.  In the empty corked jar on the other side, I put all the bugs that I thought were a bit too tiny for young party-goers.

Faux Grasshopper in a Jar

Jar of toy bugs

Bug Party Food:

On the kitchen island, I set out two food stations on either side of the sink.  One side boasted sweets, while the other was more practical brunch items.  I used the green felt placemats I found at HomeGoods to set the stage on each side.

On the sweet side, I used the candlestick candy jars to hold sour worms, jelly beans, and trail mix.  The sign in front said “bug bites”.  The signs are framed moss with tiny paper bunting.  I cut the bunting triangles from scrapbook paper.  I used Martha Stewart double-stick  letter stickers and glittered the letters.  I stitched the tiny pennants together in a chain with my sewing machine.

Bug Party Candy

Bug Bites Framed Moss Sign

Candlestick Candy Jars

In front of the bug bites was a platter of dirt pies.  In clear cups I layered chocolate pudding, crushed oreos, chocolate chips, and gummy worms.  I cut a piece of moss to line the galvanized steel tray (from Ikea).  The mossy platter was the perfect backdrop for the muddy treats.

Framed Moss Party Sign

Bug Party Dirt Pie Dessert

On the more practical brunch side, I served fresh fruit, blueberry muffins, orange juice, and ants on a log.  Have you ever seen such beautifully displayed ants on a log?  Every last one of them was eaten up.  The muffins were made in paper liners that looked like blades of grass.  I put the orange juice in a plastic carafe from Target.  I made a special tag to wrap around the neck of the carafe to label it as “bug juice”.

Bug Party Brunch

Bug Party Ants on a Log

Bug Party Bug Juice

The bug decor and treats were perfect for our casual, Saturday morning, family-only birthday celebration.  The boys had a blast.  Read part 2 with more party details, including a few fun bug activities, here.



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5 Responses to Bug Party Decorations and Food

  1. Jennifer says:

    Love this! I love home parties and always went all out with them, but now my kids are six and eight and apparently that’s not “cool” anymore! But I’m showing my six year old these pictures, specifically the dirt pie, hoping to change his mind! Enjoy it while you can and happy birthday to your son!

  2. Ellie says:

    What an adorable party! I love that it was obviously themed and thought-out, but not over the top. I’m planning my boys’ birthday party (1, 3 and 5 years) in May and was just pinning dirt/mud/bug stuff. I’ll add this to my boards! Thanks!

  3. Hello! .. I would just like to thank you for your bug party post! My little girl just turned two and I hosted an awesome bug party : ) They all had an amazing time and I was so glad to have some pointers on where to find supplies and your inspirations helped me to make my own adapted bug party!

    • Jackie says:


      I am so glad to hear that! I love that you had a bug party for your little girl… all kids love bugs.

  4. Brittany says:

    This is great! My son is turning 5, and with appropriate activities planned, I’m sure this will be a hit among all of his friends!

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