Aubergine is quickly becoming one of my favorite colors.  I already incorporated the plum color into the master bedroom fabric plan in the suzani fabric and the organic sheet set.  I wanted to sprinkle the color throughout the room in accessories, but the perfect aubergine shade is pretty hard to come by, so I am always on the look out.

You never know where you will spot the perfect piece.  Imagine my surprise when a stroll through Lowe’s turned up the perfect shade of aubergine.  I found these amazing square planters by Allen + Roth in the Lowe’s garden section.  I was immediately drawn to the purple ones, but not sure how I would use them in the bedroom.  If you recall from the terrarium project, I do not have much of a green thumb lately.  I also have visions of my two boys getting into the plants and spreading dirt everywhere.  Plants are not in the plan, but I still longed for green.

Seed Pod Topiaries

I still liked the idea of some greenery in the bedroom.  These modern square planters make a great base for topiaries.  I picked up a couple seed pod balls from Joanns.  I liked the sage green.  I filled the planters with floral foam.

filling planter with floral foam

filling planter with floral foam

I used some leftover sheet moss, from the framed moss project, to cover the foam in the planter.  I cut a square the same size as the top of the planter.  I used a popsicle stick to push the edges of the moss under the lip of the planter to secure the moss and completely cover the floral foam.

Sheet moss

sheet moss

I scrounged through the kids art station for a couple short wooden dowels.  I ripped brown cotton fabric into strips and then glued it around each of the dowels.  I left a few inches uncovered on each end.  I stuck one end into the seed pod ball.  Then, I inserted the other end into the center of the foam.

Seed Pod Topiary

Seed Pod Topiary

Tada!  Aren’t they the cutest topiaries?  They were so easy to make.  Topiaries are a wonderful way to add a little green and a little structure.  I already want to make more topiaries.  They are so cute and easy, plus can house plants get any lower maintenance?

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12 Responses to DIY Seed Pod Topiaries

  1. Phyllis says:

    Very clever, plus they won’t die. Good dining table idea also. I worry that fresh flora/fauna or lit candles will set off someone’s allergies so don’t use in group parties. This would work though.

  2. Fran says:

    Toats cute!!
    Did you know eggplants are called aubergines?


  3. So cute! I’ve been looking for a tall topiary for my bathroom but the only ones I’ve come across are in the $100 range but DIYing them will definitely be much less :)

  4. Jenny says:

    I love the purple. It pops. I have a slight obsession with topiaries. I’d love it if you shared these at Whimsy Wednesdays at

  5. Lori says:

    Hi Jackie! These are adorable! Love the pop of purple! I did something similar with flowers for spring. Come see at:


  6. Vel says:

    Super cute, and easy too! Love it, will try this out on one of my tablescapes. Thanks!

  7. Emily says:

    That purple is gorgeous! I love topiaries, and this looks super easy. Thanks for sharing!

  8. jasi says:

    your dresser is cute and looks so familiar. could you tell me what brand/ collection it’s from?

    • Jackie says:

      Thanks Jasi. The dresser is from Z Gallerie. We bought the set about 6 years ago. I do not believe they carry this collection anymore :(

      • Jackie says:


        Guess what nearly identical dressers are on Joss & Main today. The only difference appears to be the pulls.

  9. suchana says:


    I really liked your idea. It is so cute and innovative. Thanks for sharing. Can you please tell me where can i get the seed pod balls? I dont remember i have seen it anywhere.

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