I have to share the adorable-ness! Last weekend we made the journey (I left out the word epic, because it is only a 35 minute drive) to Room & Board and West Elm. We planned to just window shop, but I could not resist the mercury glass cuteness at West Elm.  I made a day-after-payday impulse buy. I bought three of the various sized mercury glass mushrooms. I only passed on the smallest one.

West Elm Mercury Glass Mushrooms

My motives for the purchase:

West Elm Mercury Glass Mushrooms

Blinded by my motives I overlooked the total price tag of $60 for the three mushrooms.  I thought maybe I would have buyer’s remorse due to the price, but I never did.  Let’s just be happy I stopped at three, because I tell you seeing tons of these guys lining the West Elm shelves is super adorable.  If they were a bit more affordable, I would have bought a garden of mercury glass mushrooms.

West Elm Mercury Glass Mushrooms

Once I unwrapped them at home and set them up in a cluster on the mantel, I was even more in love.  They are such a happy addition to the family room.  They provide balance to the mantel with the owl on the other side.  If you are keeping track, I also made a few other mantel changes or maybe I should say removals.  See the subtle holiday mantel for the before.  After the holidays I removed the vase of jingle bells.  Recently, to make room for the mushrooms, I removed the large turquoise vases.  I instantly liked how much lighter and airer the mantel felt.  I still need to make a few other mantel changes for spring…



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4 Responses to Mercury Glass Mushrooms

  1. Michelle says:

    Oh my gosh! My heart just skipped a beat! I am in love with those muchrooms! MUST. MAKE. TRIP. TO. WEST. ELM. ASAP.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Sara says:

    I just got a mushroom exactly like this at Kohl’s last weekend for only $6 they had a few sizes so if you want to expand your mushroom garden for less, check Kohl’s!

  3. Karina says:

    I am in love with those mushrooms!!!! They are so cute. I will have to plan a trip to West Elm…..Pronto!!!

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