With loads of cute washi tapes and paper tapes, it is easy to amass a collection quickly.  I found a bunch of cute, inexpensive paper tapes at Target to kickstart my collection.  I even found some tape for the kids from the Kid Made Modern Collection.  These tapes are a lot more paper-like and don’t remove as cleanly.  I still took a few of my favorite colors to add to my own collection and gave the kids the 5 remaining rolls for crafts.

Kid Made Modern Tape

To keep all my tapes accessible and useable, I needed a jumbo tape dispenser.  With a couple inexpensive household items, I made a 21-roll tape dispenser.   I love seeing all my tapes out…the fun colors and patterns make me happy.  I plan to keep the tape dispenser on my desk in my new studio (that is once I find a desk for my new studio).

DIY Paper Tape Dispenser

To create the tape dispenser I used a bamboo box, originally a drawer organizer insert, and a small tension curtain rod (found at Target).  I removed the bamboo dividers from the box.

I set the screw in the tension rod, so the rod was about 1/2″ longer than the inside measurement of the box.  When the rod is inserted in the box the tension holds it in place.

I removed the rod and loaded it with all my tapes.  I organized them by color, but oddly enough not in rainbow order.  I am not sure why, but feel free to analyze why I might have preferred the colors organized this way vs. rainbow order.

Target Paper Tape Collection

I inserted the tension rod in the box.  The rod rests about 1/2″ below the top edge of the box.  Any lower and the larger tape rolls touch the bottom of the box.

DIY Paper Tape Dispenser

The last step was to pull the tape over the boxes edge.  I pulled a short bit and stuck it to the edge of the box.  With my thumb holding the tape down, it rips easily against the edge of the box.

DIY Washi Tape Dispenser

DIY Washi Tape Dispenser

If you have never used paper tape before, you might be wondering what I do with all these tapes.  Well, they are great for craft projects, card making, cute way to seal an envelope, Christmas ornaments, decorating party favors, and even to decorate the inside of a lampshade.

Do you use decorative tape?  What do you use it for?

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19 Responses to Easiest DIY Washi Tape Dispenser

  1. Jane North says:

    Hi, from one MN to another :-)

    I am from MN and I’ve been looking for Washi tape at JoAnn Etc. and Michael’s, but no luck. Is this something that you order? Any help appreciated.

    I love your blog

  2. Karen says:

    Wow- great project and well within my abilities!

  3. kelly says:

    wow, i love this! cute and clever!

  4. This is absolutely genius! I only have 6 rolls of washi tape so I can’t really justify a dispenser, but I could certainly take the same idea and use it with my ribbon collection.

    What a beautiful box of happy to put on a desk :)

  5. Lindy@ItsyBitsyPaper says:

    Ok, you are seriously brilliant! I love this idea. I keep mine in clear boxes but this post has inspired me. Thanks for the fantastic idea.


  6. This is a fantastic project! I am in desperate need of something like this to keep all my tape accessible.
    Would you consider linking this up at my Pinworthy Projects Party? I hope to see you there!

  7. snosie says:

    I love that you explain what you use the tape for (I did see your post about the inside of the lamp). Cause I was thinking, well they are beautiful, but I can’t see me using them a lot (still true) but I love that you semi-read my mind!

  8. Wow. You weren’t kidding about how easy this was! Ingenious! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Rebecca says:

    I covered a glad wrap box with pretty paper and use that….built in serated cutter to boot.just the right size until the rolls are very low.
    I must say your idea is going to last a lot longer than mine…:)

    • Jackie says:


      I love your idea! Nothing beats a free DIY project. I was originally planning to take a serrated edge from one of those to put on my tape dispenser, but then I found out the paper tape ripped easily enough against the wood box.

  10. Kathy says:

    If you put a hack saw blade across the front it will cut you paper. You can get Washi Tape at a few site on Etsy. Go to Etsy.com and type in Washi Tape. You can also find it at Michaels, however they call it Craft Tape. I got some today for $1.49 for a 2 or 3 roll package.

  11. Jesica says:

    This is a great ideal :)

    Where would I get a box like this? Any ideals?


  12. This would be great for my kids! I am currently setting up an art studio for them and was trying to figure out how to make their washi tape easily accessible. Thanks!

  13. Shasta says:

    Thank you for this tutorial! I used it to make my own washi tape holder and it’s really super easy! I linked to this page on my blog as well. :)

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