The organizing bug got to me again the other day.  I was frustrated at the tangled mess of my hair dryer and straight iron cords tossed in a drawer with my brushes.  It seemed silly since there was plenty of unused storage space in the cabinet under the sink. I just needed to figure out how to properly store everything for easy access.

To hold my hair dryer and straight iron upright I wanted to use metal canisters.  I ended up finding these metal mesh kitchen utensil holders at Home Goods for $4.99 each.  They were the perfect height and size.  The handle of the hair dryer rests in the opening on the top rim of the canister.  I put the canisters one in front of the other under the sink cabinet.  There is a lot of space above them to easily grab out the hair dryer from the back.

Utensil holders for hair dryer holder

With the success of the canisters, I thought their might be some other kitchen storage gadgets that would work in the bathroom.  I found this white spinning condiment holder at Target for $9.99.  I filled it up with all my hair styling and self-tanning products.  I added a small glass to help hold my brushes upright.  This organizer works great under the sink, because I can spin it around and easily access all of my products.

Condiment Holder for bathroom storage

Condiment Holder for bathroom storage

Here is a view of my new organized heaven in the bathroom.  The drawer on the top left is my chalkboard lined makeup drawer.  Under the sink cabinet on the left I store my feminine products in cute plastic berry containers.  And now, under the sink cabinet on the right I store all my hair care products and appliances.  You can learn more about the zig zag bath runner here.

Bathroom storage

Utensil Holder Bathroom Storage

So, who knew the kitchen aisle would help me so much with my bathroom disorganization?  What unique uses have you come up with for kitchen storage accessories?



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3 Responses to Bathroom Under Cabinet Storage with Help from the Kitchen

  1. Momma Llama says:

    What did you use to divide the drawers? They look so nice and neat.I’ve been seeking inspiration for a solution.

    Momma Llama

  2. Anne-Marie says:

    You’ve inspired me to ‘purge’ the many items under my bathroom sink so my cabinet looks more like yours. I love the idea for the feminine products – so simple an you can get rid of the boxes that end up all over the place. Thanks!

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