This October, I am joining The Nester on a 31 day journey.  For the next 31 days I will be posting each day on a topic I am very passionate about.  I have wanted to write this series for a while.  Over the next 31 days, we are going to ponder an age-old question, DIY or Buy?

The bottom of this post will be updated each day with a link to each post in the series.

DIY or Buy

A DIY Perspective

DIYers often see something beautiful with a high price tag and think, I can make that myself.

They see something handmade and wonder if they could make it too.

They dream up their own projects and things to build.

They invest in the tools and supplies to DIY over and over again.

When a project doesn’t turn out perfect, they overlook mistakes because the badge of pride for making it themselves outweighs perfection.

Interestingly, saving money is not the only or primary motivator for DIY.  When I surveyed my readers earlier this year, the number one reason they DIY is for the sense of accomplishment.  The number two reason was taking time to create.  Saving money came in at number three.

A Buy Perspective

Non-DIYers look at what we DIY and think, why didn’t you just buy?

They hear how long it took to make and reason it would have been easier to buy.

They don’t understand why you would DIY.  Why take the time? Buy the tools and supplies? Live with sometimes imperfect results? Why, when you can buy something ready-made?

31 Days to Ponder

DIY or Buy?

Well, over the next 31 days I am going to make a case for both DIY and Buy.  I believe there is a time and reason for each.  Over the next 31 days, I will help you ponder if you should DIY or Buy?

We will explore reasons to DIY.  We will explore reasons to buy.  I will also give you several tools to help you decide if you will DIY or buy for your next project.

In addition to the 31 “DIY or Buy” posts, I will be sprinkling in several of my latest DIY projects to show some of the reasons I like to DIY.


Read the entire DIY or Buy series:

1.  DIY or Buy Continuum

2.  DIY To Be Unique and How to Open Up to Unique Ideas

3.  Buy to Support Handmade

4.  DIY to Save $

5.  Buy to Save Time

6.  DIY or Buy: Time vs. Cost

7.  DIY to Focus

8.  Buy to Invest

9.  DIY to Experiment

10. Pop Quiz: What’s Your DIY or Buy Personality

11. Buy to Tweak

12.  DIY to Teach

13. Buy When You Love (Nothing Else Will Do)

14.  DIY to Give

15.  DIY Tools: Painting

16.  DIY Tools: Sewing

17.  DIY Tools: Wood Working

18.  DIY Tools: Upholstery

19.  DIY Tools: Crafting

20.  DIY to Learn

21.  DIY Project Gallery

22. Buy for Know How or Skills

23.  DIY to Bond

24.  Let’s Show Them a DIY Room Can Win

25.  Buy to Fill and Style

26.  DIY to Personalize

27.  DIY Lion-O Costume and Handmade Costume Tips

28.  Buy to Organize

29.  DIY for Stress Relief

30.  DIY Embellished Curtains




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16 Responses to 31 Days to Ponder
DIY or Buy?

  1. Jenna says:

    Popping over from The Nester. Sounds like a great series! I definitely think there is a time and place for both. Can’t wait to here your tips and tools!

  2. Reeve says:

    Ohhh. I love this idea. I’m excited to read your series. I’m also doing one – 31 Days of a Music-Filled Life.

    I’m a DIY addict so I’m loving checking out all of yours:)

  3. Hey there! found you through the 31 day link up. I’m all about some DIY! Following you through Bloglovin’ so I can follow along!

  4. Jenna says:

    Interesting topic!

  5. neritia says:

    I just followed your link via Nester….and I am fascinated with your series. We’re busy building a house at the moment and I was telling a friend yesterday that I need to find out how to DIY modern stuff…you just gained a “stalker”!!
    Can’t wait for the rest!

  6. Theresa says:

    This series was meant for me!! lol…love it! I love DIY but lately I have realized that SOMETIMES I spend more money on stuff to DIY and it doesn’t ALWAYS come out how I want! Can’t wait to follow along!

  7. Found your blog through the Nester. So thankful I did. I can’t wait to follow your series!!

  8. Odile says:

    So interesting. I’m looking forward to reading your posts

  9. Sara says:

    1. Um, how cute is your website?
    2. Teal and Lime = my favorite color combo
    3. Love (LOVE) your 31 Day theme

    4. Looking forward to following your posts, and REALLY happy I clicked on your little block over at Nester. :)

  10. Alison says:

    I saw ‘DIY’ on your tag at The Nester’s link up, and I was hooked :-) As a new DIY-er, I’m really looking forward to following your series (and exploring your blog!),

  11. Gwen says:

    I think you are wise to weigh what what is worth it when it comes to DIY. When I was young I had more energy to paper walls without help, and sew curtains, stain new baseboards and cabinets. But children are little just once. Now I’m older and handicapped. I have tons of ideas but my brain gets so tired so again I have to be wise. For me, my projects are to save money, to do a creative project no one else has done, to express myself to make my home feel homey. I mix in pricier items with sentimental pieces of no $ value and it all just works. Even now in my 50’s I’m forever keeping some things the same but changing other things often…DIY,some…PB finds, some…full price because I really have been wanting it a long time… It’s all there in my home!!
    Ps. Kids love to play dress up. They don’t know it’s ‘bad’ if you don’t make it!!! They’ll have fun playing with it in the days and months to follow whether you bought it or made it!!

    • Jackie says:

      Gwen, I love your comments on mixing it up. I think great design is always a mix of high and low, store-bought and DIY. It adds so much more personality. And bonus, by mixing it up you can balance your time. I also appreciate you sharing how your perspective and energy have changed. I think we all have seasons in our life…a season where decorating is important and we are motivated and other seasons where the focus is elsewhere.

  12. Leanne says:

    I’m excited to follow your series. I pinned it so I can catch up if I miss anything.

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