Please allow me to take a moment and thank our current featured sponsor, Furnishly! Have you checked out their curated furniture listings in your city?

I have never gotten into searching Craigslist for furniture. It just was not an attractive or easy experience for me.  Furnishly makes it so much better by combining the best of local Craigslist furniture listings along with direct listings on Furnishly.  I check the Minneapolis Furnishly listings daily now.  Sometimes I even take a peek at Chicago, because if there was something really awesome it might be worth the drive.

Furnishly is a curated experience. All Furnishly listings are approved by their design team before appearing on the site.

Furnishly is local. With 33 cities, you can have a local shopping experience.

At Furnishly, our mission is to create the first ever digital consumer marketplace dedicated to the sale of local furnishings for your home or office.

Learn more about Furnishly’s mission and how it works for buyers and sellers on their about page.

I personally credit Furnishly for leading me to my two most recent furniture purchases. A listing on Furnishly led me to discover Retro Wanderlust in Hopkins, MN, where I bought two vintage dressers.

retro dresser chest of drawers

Back in August, another listing on Furnishly led me to MidModMen, where I found a great set of Classmate chairs.  These chairs are going to be part of our basement game room. Until that is done I thought you would enjoy a sneak peek. I got the set of 4 chairs for $150!

Vintage classmate chairs

Vintage classmate chairs

You should also check out the Furnishly blog, where they frequently introduce and feature cool local furniture stores.  You can also follow them on Twitter.

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2 Responses to A Big Thank You + New Furniture Sneak Peek

  1. Sara says:

    Very fun! I went to the website fully expecting to not find a Richmond, VA location to my surprise there is! And there are 2 dressers that are what I’m looking for, for my daughter’s room…here’s hoping they work out. Thank you!

  2. I haven’t been a big Craigslist fan either, but when I saw your post about Furnishly a couple months ago I jumped on and saw that they list in the Seattle area. I found a couple of mid-century modern tables that I now use as bedside tables. Now I’m hooked.

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