There are so many reasons I will DIY over buy, but love will always do me in. I will buy when it is love at first sight. I will go back and buy when absence has made the heart grow fonder…when I just can’t get it out of my head.

The reason I buy the thing I love so much is because nothing else will ever do. There are many things I like and will try to knock off. But when it comes to love only the real deal will do. Anything else will be second-rate.

This buy when you love scenario happens very infrequently for me. Just like love in relationships, true love is rare. It is rare to see something and instantly love it. It is rare to walk away from something and then not be able to stop thinking about it. Those things that cause that reaction just speak to us. They call out our name. Discovering them seems kismet. Those are the things I buy, almost without hesitation.

I say almost, because there is a practical side of this. You can only buy when you love, when you can also afford. On occasion, it will take a while to save up to buy that which we truly love. But, if you love it, it is worth the time and the money.  And sometimes we also have to come to grips with the fact we may never afford some of the things we love.

These are a few of the things that top my list of love-at-first-sight purchases:

Andre Sofa – Loved it, stalked the outlet for it, and finally called it mine

Oh Dier Hello Wood Sign Hello Sign – Coveted it, included it in mood boards (akin to doodling a boy’s name all over my notebook), ran into it one day and never let it leave my site again.

Pair of Mercury Glass Owls Mercury Glass Owls – The big guy melted my heart at HomeGoods and I never hesitated bringing him home. The little guy from West Elm caused the same reaction and I knew I had to unite the two.

What love struck purchases have you made?



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One Response to Buy When You Love (Nothing Else Will Do)

  1. Those owls are a match made in heaven :)

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