I read somewhere once that hairdressers and construction workers have the most satisfying jobs.  They are able to start and finish something in one shift and have a sense of accomplishment.  My corporate cubicle job does not offer me that.  For that, and other reasons, my day job is stressful.

When I DIY, I experience a sense of accomplishment that I do not get from my day job.  I DIY for stress relief.  Actually, I would say I achieve stress relief through the project itself and from the sense of accomplishment I finish it.  DIY projects have a start and an end.  When you finish you have something to show for it.

If you want to DIY for the stress relieving benefits, you have to choose projects you love.  Skip projects you have no interest or skill in.  You have to enjoy the project and want to do it.

Also note, I do not find doing DIY projects with kids around stress relieving.  In fact, I think it is the opposite.  I cannot relax or concentrate if they are playing around me.  Even for projects I planned to do with them, it is not stress relieving.  DIY with little ones means lost of patience and helping.

While DIYing by myself, I feel a sense of calm.  I can focus on the one thing before me.  Often DIY projects require repetition which is relaxing.  Painting is relaxing.  Stenciling is relaxing.  Sewing is relaxing.  There is a rhythm to DIY projects that makes them relaxing.

I am currently working on a little stencil project in my bathroom.  Instead of stenciling like a normal person with paint, I decided I just wanted a metallic outline of the stencil.  “Doodling” on my walls is stress relieving.  I can run off to that little corner of my house, sitting in the peaceful silence, and gracefully trace the pattern on my walls.  It is tranquil.

I feel so peaceful just thinking about stenciling my wall.  I think I will go relieve some stress right now.  I will find a sense of accomplishment by completing another chunk of the wall.



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3 Responses to DIY for Stress Relief

  1. Chris says:

    Well said! Decorating and organizing give me that stress relief too. But, WITHOUT the kids around :)

  2. Gwen says:

    It’s so funny. My girlfriends and I got so many huge DIY projects done with babies and toddlers around and now I wonder how! Until I became disabled two years ago, I easily could get many projects done with 35 first graders underfoot! It was so easy for me. Now my days are quiet and my DIY is chosen to fit my disability. I’m slower. But I still do projects and have learned to ask for help every once in awhile too. I love to imagine your project in my head and believing I can someday do that too!! I look forward to seeing your individualized ‘wallpaper’ project!

  3. Elvi says:

    I never thought about DIY as a stress reliever, but I think you’re so right! I like to take on small projects and feel happy and satisfied when I finished them. I recently painted the bathroom ceiling a nice new color and I enjoyed the whole process and it still makes me happy afterwards when I look at my work!

    I love your reasons for DIY! And your blog! :-)

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