Doing a project together is a great way to bond…as a couple, as a parent and child, or as a family.

The hubby and I have DIYed throughout our marriage.  We enjoy working on a good house project together.   Working on a DIY project together is a great way to enhance communication.  For both big and small projects, you have to plan, you have to work around obstacles, and you have to execute to finish the project.  All of these take good communication.

I also am bonding with my kids over DIY projects.  This past weekend I have been a sewing slave for my son’s costume dreams.  Okay, I am exaggerating.  Actually, we have enjoyed some good bonding time while making his Halloween costume.  He is old enough this year to help…even if that means picking out supplies and giving me directions.

This project could also qualify under DIY to Teach, but I think there is one big difference.  I did not come up with the project and then teach him how to do it.  Rather, he came up with the idea.  He helped create the plan.  We are learning to make this costume together.  It is going for beyond teaching.

To start our project together we agreed on an inspiration image.  Every time we have a difference of opinion on the project, I remind him we should look at our inspiration image to show us the way.  He went with me to the fabric store and picked out all the fabric and notions for the project.  The project has involved a bit of intricate sewing, but he has stuck by my side directing and watching.  We don’t have a pattern to follow, so we are making it up as we go.  He is the live model for cutting the fabric pieces to size.   Every step of the way he has been there to try on the costume.

We have definitely bonded over faux leather and elastic.  We have both learned how to communicate better with each other.  He has learned to read me.  Sometimes I get frustrated when he tries to sit in my lap while I cut or sew.  On Day 2 of the project he learned to give me space during those times.  We have a few more things to finish and then I will be back here to share.



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