I think all DIY projects inject personality into a home, and some step it up with personalization.  One of my top reasons to DIY is for personalization.  DIY allows me to make something in my favorite colors and finishes, to make it the right size for my space, and in some cases to personalize it with a monogram or other identifier.

It is no secret I love a monogram.  I especially love our monogram, H.  For a perfectionist, it is just about the perfect letter.  It has interest, but it is perfectly symmetrical.  I have DIYed more than a few H’s for our home.

Jute Twine Monogram Letter

Jute Wrapped Monogram

Wood Veneer Monogram

I also love helping my kids claim their space by displaying their name.  My oldest helped me paint his letters like zinc.  For my youngest, I created a super cute bunting with cut out letters.

Faux Zinc Letters

Faux Zinc Letters

Paper letter bunting

Paper Letter Bunting

I am not sure there is anything at all in our home more personal or with more personality than our wedding comic art.  Our real wedding pics in cartoon form with some cute talk bubbles.  Our kids love our wedding comic strip!

Comic Art

Wedding Comic Art

We could have purchased lettering or pre-made labels for our toy storage, but instead we personalized.  We staged and photographed the kids actual toys to label where they should be put away.

Toy Photo Labels

Toy Photo Labels

Personal gifts are best.  One of my faves is the kitchen towels my son designed for his grandmas.

Iron on Transfer Dish Towels

Kid-Design Kitchen Towels

Our stockings are all kinds of personalized.  I got a bit of criticism for my color choices, but we love them…they are our colors.  We are not a red and green Christmas kind of family.  Adding everyone’s full name to the stockings is such a bold way made them one of the favorite things I have ever created.

DIY personalized stockings

Helvetica Stockings

What have you personalized in your home lately?



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2 Responses to DIY to Personalize

  1. Oooooo, love these! We personalized a monogram that has mine and my husband’s initials put together (which are my hubby’s same initials!)… I fabric covered the custom monogram to match our bedroom. Love it. :)

    • Jackie says:

      Kerry, I love that idea. My husband and I have the same initials, too…JH. Actually, so do both of our boys. Thanks for the idea to use both initials!

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