We are half way through the 31 Days to Ponder DIY or Buy?  This week I wanted to round-up some DIY tool and supply recommendations for you.  This will be a mini-series within the series, called DIY Tools.  Today we are going to look at DIY tools for painting.

This is a roundup of my favorite tools for interior painting.  I have owned 3 homes in the last 7 years and I have painted them all from top to bottom.  Over the years I have tried pretty much everything sold in the paint aisle.  I have developed a strong preference for certain painting tools.  The below tools are my painting must-haves.

I buy most of my paint supplies at Home Depot, because it is the nearest home center.  For this roundup, I am providing online links to all the supplies.  You can find these or comparable items at any home center or paint store.

I have mentioned before painting is one of the biggest and easiest money-saving DIYs.  If you keep your paint cabinet stocked with most of these items, then all you have to do is add paint.  These tools and a little DIY can save you thousands of dollars over hiring a paint pro.

DIY Painting Tools

1.  Purdy 2.5-Inch XL-Glide Paint Brush – My favorite long-handled paint brush.  Buy one of these and take good care of it.

2.  Purdy 2-Inch XL-Cub Paint Brush – This little guy is fantastic for tight spots and so natural to hold.

3.  Purdy Brush Comb – Brushing out your brushes during cleaning will help clean them faster and keep the bristles straight.

4.  Purdy 3/8 White Dove Roller Covers – I always use these rollers. 3/8 inch nap is for smooth surfaces, like walls.

5.  Metal Tray – A metal tray is a must for a sturdy paint tray.

6.  Tray Liners – Line the metal tray with these for quick clean up.

7.  Shur Line Pro Edger – I prefer a brush for trimming corners and around the baseboard, but this guy is wonderful for trimming around the ceiling.  The pro version has the swivel head and the little black feet that help prevent paint from touching the ceiling.

8.  Mr. Long Arm Extension Pole – This extension pole can be used with the paint roller or edger and help extend your reach.

9.  Rubbermaid EZ Step Stool, 2-Step, White – We have had this step stool for 7 years.  There are paint drops on it from all of our homes. I am 5’10”, so this is all I need to reach the ceiling in a 8-ft room. With a bit of a stretch it works or my 9-ft ceilings too.

10.  DryDex Spackling – I like this spackle for pre-paint touch-ups.  It goes on purple and dries white.

11. Frog Tape Pro Painters Masking Tape – I discovered Frog Tape last year and have never looked back.

12. Zinsser Primer – I have used this primer on walls and furniture.  We used it to prime the board and batten wall in the dining room.

13.  Semi-Gloss Polycrylic – Great protective finish for furniture and decor projects.  I just used it on my Rustic Glam Tiered Tray.

14.  Krylon Gray Primer – For spray paint projects, I like this spray primer.  Good priming makes any spray paint project go faster.

15.  3M Sanding Sponge – I keep one of these sanding blocks handy for sanding drips or brush strokes between coats.  Also works well for sanding spackling.

16.  4-Inch Foam Mini Roller – This little foam roller is nice for furniture projects or small space painting, like in a bathroom.

17.  4-Inch Foam Mini Roller Refills – I prefer the foam rollers to get the smoothest finish.

18.  Wooster Brush Sherlock Roller Frame, 9-Inch – I picked up this roller frame on accident when all others were out of stock.  It turned out amazing!  The roller stays on…no slipping off the frame as you roll.  But, when you are done, one whack against the edge of the trash can and the roller drops right off.

19.  Floetrol Latex Paint Conditioner – Ever wonder the secret to smooth paint without brush strokes?  Floetrol conditions the paint to help it go on smooth.  We used this on our board and batten project and other trim touch-ups throughout the house.

I have a few other go to items not pictured; canvas drop cloths for spray painting on, plastic drop cloths for covering furniture, paper towels, spackling knife, paint stir sticks, mallet (for closing paint cans), and a paint opener or flat head screwdriver.

The opinions in this post are my own.  I was not compensated for writing this post or any of the opinions contained within it.  This post contains affiliate links.   I may receive a commission on purchases made after following an affiliate link.  



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  1. I actually own all the items you suggested minus the comb. I really want to get that one. I have the Floetrol, but haven’t used it yet. The first time I bought it I didn’t look at the package and got the one for oil based paint. Ooops.

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