I need your help!  I rarely ever ask for favors.  I am usually just here each day to share projects and home tidbits with you.  But, today I need your help.  Let’s show all the design lovers what us DIYers are made of.  Let’s show them a room full of DIY projects and outlet furniture can win the Apartment Therapy Room for Color Contest.

I entered my newly completed family room.  I called my color palette “Navy Patterned”.  I have also referred to this room on the blog as “Midwest Summer”.

This room is the hub of our home.  We spend most of our time here.  This room and the beautiful colors within it give us sanctuary.  It serves us.  It provides us a place to relax, to unwind, to play, to read, to bond, to love.

It takes an immense amount of courage to enter one of these contests…well if you read the comments, that is.  Of course, I read the comments.  I love the feedback.  But, man, those AT readers don’t hold back.  Love it or hate it, they will let you know.  There is something totally scary and totally wonderful about that.

My primary goal for entering was to kick myself in the pants and finish this room.   Do I have to remind you of those fugly coral chairs.  This contest inspired me to get on it and recover them.  Secondarily, I wanted to share my room and get some honest feedback.   And, most importantly, deep down, after all the hard work of making this room…I REALLY WANT TO WIN!

I poured my heart and soul and DIY sweat and tears into this room.  This room has DIY upholstered chairs, canvas art, stenciled ottoman tray, and envelope pillows.  I also hung the gallery wall and styled the built ins.  My hubby and I painted the giant two-story room together by ourselves.  We stalked the outlet to find all the furniture for the room.  All the details of this room are here on the Home Tour.

Seeing the number inside that little heart rise with each favorite, shows me people can see the beauty in DIY.  They are supporting a notion that a room made with love and by hand is as beautiful, if not more beautiful, than a room designed by a pro.  Do you agree?  If so, please favorite it!

Favorite it, because…

  • You want to say, “You go girl!”
  • You love it
  • You love DIY
  • You love my blog
  • You love my projects
  • You love blues and greens
  • You love me
  • You want to see what I will do with the prize gift card to Thrive

Whatever your reason, please take a moment and login at Apartment Therapy and click the little heart next to my room.  Already favorited someone else’s room?  No worries, you can still favorite mine, too.

Ok no more begging.  Just go favorite my DIY family room!



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