For the last 31 days we have been pondering DIY or Buy? I have shared reasons to DIY. I have shared reasons to buy. Today I am here to give you the answer to the question…it’s both, DIY AND Buy.  I believe a well-rounded home includes a mix of DIY and Buy.

DIY or Buy

When considering for an individual project, whether to DIY or Buy it is often easier to make the buy decision.  Budget is generally the only issue.  Deciding to DIY is a bit more involved.

We walked through the DIY or Buy Continuum:
DIY or Buy Continuum

We compared Time vs. Cost:

Here are the 11 reasons I shared to DIY: (click each image to read more)

Here are the 8 reasons (not sure what happened to #6) I shared to buy: (click each image to read more)

If you are struggling with what to choose for your next project, consider taking the DIY or Buy Personality Quiz first.  Learn more about what you like to DIY and what projects you might be best suited for.

If you plan on tackling a DIY project in the future, check out my DIY tool roundups:

Thank you for an incredible month. It was a lot of writing. I appreciate all of your lovely comments and support for my 31 Days topic.



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2 Responses to The Answer is DIY AND Buy

  1. Your series was so well done! Bravo! I loved it. :)

  2. Lisa says:

    I loved this series. Great job!

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