I am passionate about giving everyone DIY ideas for their space. I include a free DIY Ideas board with 3-5 DIY projects along with each custom mood board. But, I can totally understand if DIY is not your cup of tea or if you just don’t have the time. In that case, I like to continue to offer value.

For the recent Color Fun Family Room mood board I completed, my client felt like she did not have time for DIY. She gives all her spare time to her kids. Knowing her stance on DIY, I still wanted to give her a bonus board, but with a little twist. I gave her a couple kid-friendly (as in, do them with your kids) DIY ideas. I used the rest of the board to further illustrate how the new shelving would work with the TV. I also provided her a bonus list of fun stuff to style her new shelves with.

I don’t share the source information for my client mood boards, but the DIY and bonus boards are free game. DIY project sources are listed below. And, the short list of fun decor is also listed below. Enjoy!

DIY Ideas

Crayon Art – This is a super fun project to do with the kids.  They are mesmerized by the melting crayon and how it blends together.  Great thing to do will all those broken crayons.

Dot Art – Let your kids get in on the action by finger painting some of the dots.  I love how this version has them falling across the canvas.

Mini Marquee Sign – This DIY is a bit less kid-friendly, but no less fun.  Spell out a special word for your family.

Color Fun Decor

  1. Scallop Teal Frame
  2. Scallop Green Frame
  3. Orange and White Acrylic Frames
  4. Decorative Children’s Books
  5. Nesting Storage Boxes
  6. Felt Storage Bins



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