The design I have to share with you today was loads of fun to put together.  My client gave me free license to have fun with color, and fun I had!  The main goal for the mood board was to create a family fun space with lots of color.

The TV placement was the biggest design challenge in the room.  The TV is wall-mounted high on a large blank wall.  Ever notice that a TV hung high on the wall over a fireplace doesn’t look odd?  It is because there is a structure (fireplace) beneath it.  A TV hanging above nothing looks strange.  My client had a low slung media center, but it was just too disconnected from the TV.  I have proposed a new solution that rises up to meet the TV and adds tons of storage to the room.

My client also had a large mirror hanging over a mantel-less fireplace.  The mirror looked overbearing and she had already decided to move it to another room.  I came up with a great quick fix to create a faux mantel.  My recommendation of adding a picture ledge in bright orange creates the illusion of a mantel and makes a great place to display art.

Colorful Family Room Mood Board

My absolute favorite part of this design is the color combination.  My client was already working with a greenish/gold tone in her family room, yellow in the dining room, and orange in the kitchen.  Pass through openings in the living room brought all those colors into view.  I worked in grey as a nice soothing neutral and a break for they eye from all the color.  Then, to punch it up a bit, I mixed in turquoise with the green, yellow, and orange color palette.  The room is decidedly fun!

Note:  Out of respect to my clients, I share completed mood board designs, but I do not share the source information.  I hope you find the mood boards inspiring.

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  1. Chris says:

    This is the cutest playroom design! Love it!

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