I believe DIY projects have the power to personalize a space and save money. For my client’s hotel chic powder room design, I suggested several high impact DIY projects.  I include a roundup of DIY ideas as a free bonus with all my mood boards.  I only like to give clients DIY recommendations from sources that include a tutorial.  Today I am passing on the hotel chic goodness by sharing the sources for these DIY ideas.

hotel chic DIY ideas

Moss balls have a high markup when purchased, but are actually moss balls are really easy to make.  All the supplies can be found at the craft store and the project takes only minutes to complete.

Another project I love is this sculptural cork ball.  If you are a wine lover, this is a perfect sentimental decor project.  If you are not a big wine drinker, but still love the look, you can buy wine corks on eBay.

The painted glass vases are an amazing way to create a beautiful vignette for very little money.  For a powder room I recommend using fancy liquor bottles or old perfume bottles for this project.

Shelves are costly to buy, but pretty simple to make if you are handy and have a few basic tools.  I like the look of these floating shelves finished off with decorative molding.

Have a space you need help with?

My mood boards are like a visual shopping list for your perfect room.  In addition to the mood board, I include a free DIY ideas board for the room.  Get yours here.


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