A wonderful client recently asked me to do a mood board for her main floor powder room. The room boasted beautiful slate floors and marble tile mixed with a warm wood vanity and door. The room could have easily gone rustic, but my client wanted the powder room to feel like a chic hotel.

Hotel Chic Powder Room Mood Board

To make the powder room more glamorous, I suggested a beautiful beveled mirror and mirrored frames to contrast the natural stones in the room.  I also suggested luxe silver shelf brackets and a sleek, but traditional vanity light.

I used turquoise as an accent color in the room.  Since it is a small powder room, I kept the decor simple, but powerful.  Using a few decorative items in the same color makes a bigger impact in the room.  The turquoise compliments the wall color nicely.

One of my favorite recommendations for this space is the curtain panel.  Most people would not think of adding a curtain panel in a small powder room.  My clients powder room had a small window in the corner.  I recommended a floor to ceiling curtain panel to add softness to the room.  In a small powder room it will almost mimic the feel of a shower curtain, but by running it floor to ceiling it will make the space feel more grand.

It is easy to underestimate decorating a bathroom.  Just like any other space in our home, a well-designed bathroom has textiles, storage, decor, and lighting.  Often times it is more challenging to decorate a small space.  But, with a bit of focus, even on the smallest room in the home, you can have a beautifully designed space.  I know my client will be proud to have her guests use her powder room.

Note:  Out of respect to my clients, I share client designs, but I do not share the source information. 

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2 Responses to Hotel Chic Powder Room

  1. Lisa says:

    So pretty! You’ve got a lucky client.

  2. jessvii says:

    Very lovely – I really like the shelf brackets and the turquoise boxes.

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