I met John and Sherry last week, and it was the cherry on top of a great day.  They were in Minneapolis for a quick stop on their book tour.  I made plans to go to the book signing with Jen, from I Heart Organizing.  We made a whole day of it.

We met almost ridiculously early at noon, when the book signing did not start until 6.  In my defense, I thought the book signing started at 4.  No matter, Jen, her husband Brian, and I enjoyed a leisurely lunch at Pinstripes in Edina just across the way from the West Elm.

At 2, with four more hours to kill, we hiked across the parking lots of Edina from the West Elm to the Galleria mall.  We checked out a few stores and happened upon the new PB Teen store (cool to see their stuff in person).  Within an hour we felt it was time to head back.  Good thing we did, because the line was forming at West Elm.

Thankfully, we were 20th in line.  But, we still had to stand outside in the cold for 2.5 hours.  We were actually pretty thankful that it was unseasonably warm for November.  Still enough to freeze or cheeks and fingers.

Picture courtesy of Jen (Check out her post on the day here)

So, I am not a star struck kind of person.  I could care less about meeting celebrities.  And, for anyone else, I would not have stood outside in the cold.  But this was different.  John and Sherry are celebrities for sure, but it is as if we already know them.  They are real and genuine.  It is like wanting to meet up with a long-lost friend.

Young House Love Book Signing

By the time we got to go in, there was a line of hundreds of people waiting.  We were thankful to get in right away.  It was warm and cozy in West Elm as we waited our turn.  They were serving up hot cocoa and cookies.  There were also adorable sugar cookies to take home, like party favors.

Jen and I decided to go up together.  We are both sort of shy in these situations and figured maybe we could help each other break the ice.  Brian started off by introducing Jen, to which Sherry shouted, “Your Jen from I Heart, I love you, give me a hug!”  So sweet.  Moments later Sherry asked what blog I write.  She responded with “Your Jackie from Teal & Lime, we were going to crash your house.  Give me a hug.”  Unfortunately, there was no time for crashing, but I am so glad we got to meet them.  And, I’d like to think Sherry and I coordinated our outfits, with fabulous splashes of kelly green.

Young House Love Book Signing

I can’t truly exclaim my love for YHL without sharing a few of my favorite projects from the book.  You see, I went to the book signing with a book full of earmarked pages.  At first, I thought maybe that would look like I defiled their book.  But, then I figured John and Sherry would probably be flattered I loved so many of the projects.

I am a huge fan of having a whole house color palette.  Love that John and Sherry included a few of their favorites.

I love chalkboard anything.  But, what I really love, is the casual take on recycling everyday bottles.

I have done rubbings of my kids baby shoes, but this takes it to a whole new level.  I must bronze the baby Converse All Stars that both of my boys wore.

Adding a little color to builder grade light fixtures…genius.  On the to do list for the boys bathroom.

I feel like John and I are kindred spirits.  I do all my paper cutting by hand and he does, too.

If you have not picked up your copy of Young House Love yet, what are you waiting for?  There are a total of 243 tips in the book, just as great as my favorites above.



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9 Responses to Love for YHL

  1. Sara says:

    So fun! I met them at the Richmond signing and I agree they do not feel like celebrities but friends you know. I purchased the two tone desk in the book from the silent auction for charity. I can’t wait to send pictures of it in my daughters room. My home doesn’t even compare to yours or Sherry’s but what I have learned from all the blogs I love to read, is that all my home has to be is ME. If it makes me smile and makes me happy to be in my home, then I’ve succeeded and it’s perfect! Thanks to you too for helping give me great ideas to make my house my home.

    • Jackie says:

      Sara, That desk is totally one of my earmarked pages. I hope to recreate the look on my sons dresser. So great that you were able to get the real deal. Cheers to a happy home that makes you smile!

  2. Ashli says:

    I was so excited to get a little peak, I’ve been dying to get my hands on my copy (I guess I ordered it a little late)! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Karly says:

    I am asking for this from by boyfriend for Christmas!! I can’t wait to go through it and get tons of great ideas! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Just checked out the book. Looks awesome!!

  5. I went to the Dallas book signing and it was so awesome. John and Sherry are fantastic right? Can’t wait to get started on some of the projects in the book!

  6. Jenn says:

    On my Christmas list – so fun that you were able to meet them, get a hug and a pic!

    Speaking of pic – your floral blouse is super cute….care to share where you got it?

  7. Kayla says:

    Visiting from YHL. It’s so great to see fellow MN bloggers linked up from their event! Wish I could have been there, it looks like you had a blast. So happy I stumbled upon your blog. It’s lovely!

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