It is a big life change to move past the furniture from college and bachelor days to something new and fresh…and coordinated!  I just completed this mood board for an open and airy living room/dining room combo.  My client was ready to get a pulled together look, but still has young children and was not ready to do a full furniture replacement.

I created a design to work with the existing furniture the client wanted to keep.  The plan included slip covers for her sofas that would allow her to change the color without expensive upholstery or new furniture.  The removable and washable slip covers were also ideal with little ones around.  The plan also assumed the client would repaint her existing dining table and end tables.

With all the furniture reuse, the budget for this space is for all the fun stuff that has transformative powers.  The colors and patterns on the rug, dining chairs, and pillows create a soothing welcoming space in a far different pallet from the clients previous Tuscan look.  My client is the only girl in the house, a situation I am all to familiar with, so I wanted to keep the space from being overly feminine.

blue and green living room mood board


My favorite part of this design was the dining room seating.  In a combined great room, where the dining area is only steps from the living area, it is important for the two spaces to be cohesive.  From the dining banquette to the upholstered dining chairs, all the dining furniture looks like and extension of the living room.  The dining chairs are nice enough to pull into the living space when they need extra seating for guests.

Note:  Out of respect to my clients, I share client designs, but I do not share the source information.

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6 Responses to Open & Airy Living & Dining Room

  1. Lisa says:

    That is going to be a beautiful room! What is #1 on your board? I can’t tell.

  2. LAWallner says:

    I guess I don’t quite understand this: “Out of respect to my clients, I share client designs, but I do not share the source information.” Is it a fear we’re all going to buy out the pillow/curtains/sofa before the client gets to order hers? Sorry for being a smart-aleck, but I am a bit confused. Most decor blogs share source info for we decoratively challenged to enjoy your great ideas…

    • Jackie says:


      Thanks for reading. I do hope you would agree, I share a lot of free inspiration and sources regularly on the blog, including my personal mood board designs, DIY ideas, and decorating projects. In my mood board gallery these designs have a link to a complete source list. For client mood boards, I share the mood board as part of my portfolio and I hope seeing the design and explanation behind it provide inspiration for creating a similar look or addressing a similar design challenge. I do not share the sources, because my clients pay me to create the design and source list to address their specific needs. I spend hours sourcing and designing each mood board for that client. If there are specific decorating challenges you have, I would love to work with you on a custom mood board, too.

  3. Tiffany says:

    Hi Jackie,

    I love your ideas. The design is beautiful.

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