We lost or minds and went to the Mall of America on one of the busiest Saturdays ever.  We ended up parking on the roof of the parking ramp because all the lower levels were full.  We just wanted to pop in for lunch and a few rides in the amusement park.  It has been such a gloomy fall, we wanted to get the boys out of the house for a few hours.

Despite dropping in for a late lunch, at are fave St. Paul Grille, the wait was 40 minutes.  They give you a pager, but you can only go 5 stores in either direction to stay within range.  Thankfully for me there was a new store to check only a few doors down.  I should preface this by explaining how rarely we go to the Mall of America.  This new-to-me store could be a few years old for all I know.

Typo is one of the most adorable stores I have ever been to.  Everywhere I looked was cute eye-candy.  I wanted almost everything in the place.  It is filled with cute, fun, and quirky office supplies.

I loved the store displays.  This long one was reminiscent of a card catalog.  The great displays added so much character to the shop.

We ended up buying a couple of ceramic owls in pink and hot pink for my niece (seen in the top right of the photo below).  Oh yes, I am passing the owl love to the next generation.  In my defense her mom started the owl cuteness with my niece’s nursery decor.  These sweet owls will make great nursery decor.

We also grabbed a white wooden ampersand for my studio.  I am partial to this special character, since it appears so prominently in the Teal & Lime logo.  Typo sells these wooden letters at 3 for $10.

And, I could not resist the cute bird card holder (I bought one in aqua).  He is a place card holder, but I just thought he was cute.  I will put him in my studio to hold important notes or reminders.

Looks like Typo has a few other US locations and an online store, if you won’t be in the Mall of America neighborhood anytime soon.  As for us, our annual rule is in effect…no going to the Mall until January.  The holiday shoppers are too many and too crazy to make a trip to the Mall enjoyable this time of the year.



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7 Responses to Typo

  1. Lisa says:

    What a cool store and you were lucky that it was so close by. Too bad that they are not in the Seattle area, but luckily we have a lot of stores that sell unique items.

  2. Jen says:

    Oh my! I must go! Looks amazing and something that I would totally love!


  3. Brandi says:

    I visited this store a few times when I lived in Australia and loved it! Made me want to write notes to everyone I knew just so I could use all the cool office supplies! Their partner store (or head store) Cotton On makes really cute affordable clothing too!

  4. Kay B says:

    You coulnd’t have posted this at a better time! I am in Minneapolis this weekend visiting my daughter at college and I normally don’t care to fight the crowds at the Mall of America but my daughters and I love stores like this so we will be fighting the crowds to get to Typo!

    • Jackie says:

      Kay, Go for lunch a few doors down at Twin City Grille. While you wait for your table you can visit Typo. They are located on the first floor. Good luck with the crowds!

  5. Looks like a good store find! Will have to check typo out online…

  6. Kristin F says:

    Hello! I found you from the YHL site and love your colors and ideas. Would like to say you’re copying me but I know you’re not. :)

    Did want to do a shout out for Typo….I was in Minneapolis in August for a work trip and made my first trek every to MoA. Typo was BY FAR my favorite store in there. I picked up adorable mag holders that are white with aqua bird silhouettes, and an aqua flat box. Using them as my “inspiration pieces” for the eat-in area of my house. Oh, also got cute pens and a journal. The coolest part was they were all on sale and I think I spent less than $30 for all of it!

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