Rooms that can multi-task are essential in a modern home.  Whether it is due to space limitations or the desire to simply keep the family together in one space, multi-functional rooms are great.  The trick is maximizing the space to deliver in every way you need it to.

Sometimes a space just needs a fresh perspective and a space plan.  My client felt stuck with her current basement layout and struggled to make it an all-in-one playroom, family room, and office space.  The trick to opening up the space to do all those functions beautifully was to change the layout.  My client had instinctively put the two office desks in the bump outs on either side of the TV.  It was actually my first instinct to keep them there too, but as I worked on the design more I realized the office space was taking over.  The office functionality was the lowest priority on my client’s list, but premium space in the room was being dedicated to the desks.

The first order of business was changing the layout and defining functional zones.  In this new layout there is a family room area defined by the sectional and rug.  The playroom area was relocated (from all over the room) to the corner bump out area by the stairs.  And, lastly, the office space was moved to the far wall.  I still managed to squeeze in two desks and bookcases along that wall, to be used by my client and her husband when they work from home.  The playroom and family room overlap a little, because the functions are similar.  The new office area is in its own zone.

With the new layout settled, the mood board came together like a dream.  The colors of nature play together beautifully to create this cozy, multi-functional family room.

My favorite recommendation is to use the Eames-style arm chairs as desk chairs.  I have a similar chair, which I know to be comfortable as a desk chair or as an occasional chair.  By using these chairs at the desks, it gives you extra seating when needed in the family room.  These chairs are nice enough to pull into the family room and use as occasional chairs when they have company.

Note:  Out of respect to my clients, I share completed mood board designs, but I do not share the source information.  I hope you find the mood boards inspiring.

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2 Responses to All-In-One Basement Family Room

  1. Lisa says:

    I’m loving the fabrics you choose. They go so well together yet each is different. I was wondering how comfortable those Eames chairs are.

  2. Jamie says:

    This layout is perfect for the den in my house – it serves multiple purposes as my husband’s man cave, my craft room, and a playroom for our two daughters. With some adaptation, this layout is what I’ve been looking for to set up the room for the multiple functions.

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