I am finally getting around to sending out my Christmas cards. This idea might be too late for some of you, unless you are Christmas card mailing procrastinator like me.

Every year I try to add a little extra touch to our Christmas cards. Last year I lined the envelopes with fabric. This year our envelopes have a straight opening, so I had to come up with something else.  I decided to do a card wrap, like what you might see on a wedding invitation.

The picture in the center of our gallery wall is the same pose as the one that made it onto the Christmas card. No, we were not spelling ox. We were trying to spell XOXO, but the first X became a hat and the last O became a steering wheel or necklace on the Christmas card. The wording on our card says “Hugs and Kisses this Christmas”.

Gallery Wall Fall 2012

Our cards this year are vertical, flat letter-pressed card with printing only on the front. The picture is right in the center. I thought it would be fun to put the wrap to cover the picture and keep the mystery as the card is pulled from the envelope.

I found this large roll of silver florist’s crêpe paper at World Market for $4.99.  It adds the perfect textural and shimmer-y element.  I paired it with turquoise baker’s twine to make my wraps.

Christmas card supplies

I cut the strips of crêpe paper the exact width as the photo on the card.  I used double-sided tape to connect the crêpe paper band at the back of the card.  Then I wrapped twine around the crêpe paper three times and tied a bow.

I love the extra dimension the wrap adds to the card.  It turns our Christmas card into a little present.  The wrap is what you grab to pull the card out of the envelope.  Then, the wrap can easily be slid off the card to reveal our holiday picture.



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2 Responses to Christmas Card Wraps

  1. Lisa says:

    I just got our cards out yesterday after picking up our pick from JCPenny. What a fun and beautiful surprise for your friends/family to get!

  2. Melissa says:

    What a terrific idea for wrapping any special photo to be sent to a special someone. Could even make one end closed as a photo envelope for Grandma to put in her purse. =)

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