My favorite way to personalize a space and stretch your dollar is DIY projects.  I particularly love DIY projects in family spaces.  They are a great way to add your family’s personality to a space.  Plus, I totally think families should DIY together!

My client’s playful nature family room was screaming for personalized art and decor.  Here are a few of my favorite DIY ideas for a family room.  All the sources are linked below.

  1. Chalkboard Play Table – This is a great way to makeover a play table.
  2. Animal Bookends – Pick your favorite animal (the plastic toy version), your favorite color of spray paint, and make custom bookends.
  3. Faux Zinc Letters – For a fraction of the cost, you can create your own wall letters.  This was so easy I let my 5-year old help paint the letters.
  4. Eraser Stamp Art – Do this DIY project with the kids! This fun technique of stamping dots with pencil erasers could be used to create a monogram or art.
  5. Family Silhouette Art – This is a surprisingly simple, but meaningful project.  Hang them horizontally over a couch or vertically to fill a blank wall.

Have a space you need help with?

My mood boards are like a visual shopping list for your perfect room.  In addition to the mood board, I include a free DIY ideas board for the room.  Get yours here.

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