I have two mood boards to share with you today.  I had the honor of working on this client’s open living room and dining space.  She had redecorated after losing her husband suddenly and then found herself not liking the redesign and missing elements of the way the room was before.  My true hope is that this living and dining room design brings her and her family the warmth and peace they deserve.  My goal was to create spaces to wrap them in cozy serenity.

Soothing green walls are warmed with rich reds and caramel tones.  The family room will be a relaxing haven for visiting with family and watching TV.  The green back drop with the rich, warm colors makes for an amazingly welcoming space.

Family Room Mood Board

My favorite design element in the family room is #9, a tile recommendation for the fireplace.  My client has a corner fireplace, but the mantel sticks out a bit too far and disrupts the curtains on the adjacent window.  I recommended removing the entire mantel and tiling the wall around the firebox from floor to ceiling.  It will modernize the room, and the light tile will brighten up the space.

The dining room is more dramatic, but still incredibly serene.  A large oval table will have room to seat the whole family for dinner.  The dining room and family room spaces will feel unified by the color scheme and similar design aesthetic.

My favorite design element in the dining room is the large arched mirror.  My client’s dining room has large vaulted ceilings.  Along one wall she has wainscoting and a chair rail.  Adding a large mirror on the tall wall will emphasize the height of the room and reflect a lot of light from the dining room and kitchen windows.

Note:  Out of respect to my clients, I share completed mood board designs, but I do not share the source information.  I hope you find the mood boards inspiring.

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3 Responses to Warmth & Peace Family and Dining Room

  1. Gwen says:

    I really like the green color. And I have a vaulted wall that I just now raised the curtain on so to speak. But I was so glad to see that big blocks of a dark color at the bottom are in style as I do have the exact panels in the exact match I need in the dark color. How glad you young decorators put things in style we would have never done back in our first homes in the 80’s!!! Thx for posting. Since we are celebrating tonight I suppose I’d better get back to wrapping the mounds of things I need to wrap!! So for me it is still Merry Christmas!

  2. Jessvii says:

    What a scrumptious throw blanket in the living room (love it)! The dining room looks lovely – definitely a room that a family could relax and spend some time in.

    The table, rug, and storage go together very well. The room is a design home run! Quick question though – is that colorful item (#1) a tray, or artwork, or something else? I’ve never seen anything like it.

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