I hope you all will forgive me for a brief post today. Yesterday was rough for me. After going to the pediatrician first thing in the morning to get a cast for my youngest, who broke his arm on Friday, we ended up in a 14-hour whirlwind of nurses and doctors. My son broke his elbow. What I thought would be a quick appointment at the clinic to replace a temporary splint with a cast, ended up being a very long day. They had to do surgery to fix his elbow and put a few pins to hold it in place so it will heal properly. Thankfully, we were able to take him home with us late last night. For times like this I am thankful to be at home and have the flexibility I need to care for my family. Okay, on with today’s quick post.

I am so thankful my mood board services have really taken off in the last couple months.  It was a huge deciding factor in me making big changes this year and leaping head first into working for myself.  The number of mood boards I complete and send off to clients each week has outpaced the frequency of the mood boards I share on the blog.  There is nothing I love more than emailing a client with the opening line, “It’s mood board day!”.

Teal & Lime Custom Mood Board Services

Instead of bombarding the blog with mood board posts, I have created a full mood board gallery.  You can view the entire gallery as a slide show by clicking here.  The gallery showcases all of my client mood board work…over 25 mood boards for all different types of rooms.  Whether you are considering a mood board for yourself or just looking for some visual decorating inspiration, please click on over and take a look at the gallery.

The gallery is just a visual slide show.  If you prefer more details, I have also created a new “Mood Boards” category on the blog.  This category includes client mood boards I have featured on the blog, DIY Idea roundups, mood boards I have created for my home, and party mood boards.

Thanks again for understanding about the brief post.  Hopefully the visual eye candy in the gallery will hold you over until I resume normal posts tomorrow :)



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13 Responses to Gallery of Ideas and Inspiration

  1. Lisa says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your son, but glad that he’s back home. I hope he heals quickly.

  2. Patrina says:

    Hope your son is resting and healing. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Nicki says:

    So sorry for your son. I just had to tell you that when my husband was in elementary school, he broke both elbows, at the same time! First one and then the other! Can you imagine that? What a nightmare!

    • Jackie says:

      Nicki, Oh no! That is a nightmare. I have been going crazy watching over my son for fear he will fall and hurt something else…he only has one working arm to catch himself with. He is unsteady already as a normal toddler and the big heavy cast makes it worse :(

  4. Mary says:

    So sorry to hear about your son. I’m looking forward to checking out the gallery soon! It’s sweet of you to not want to bombard readers with mood boards but I probably won’t catch everything you put in the gallery. Could you maybe do a weekly post of mood boards or something so we don’t miss any? I just love your style.

    • Jackie says:

      Thanks for the idea Mary. Also, the newest mood boards will always be added at the front of the gallery, so you don’t have to go through the entire gallery to see the latest mood boards.

  5. Cassie says:

    I love that you have sectioned off a space for mood boards as well as one for your posts on them. It’s so fun to look at them all–especially to see mine up there :) We are working away at implementing your suggestions for our living room and loving the way it is transforming with only having time so far for paint, new curtains, and a few throw pillows (this is all in between taking care of our new baby!). You do great work, Jackie, and make decorating so practical for people. That’s what I like best about your mood boards. No worries about a short post; I spent my time looking at the mood board gallery. :)I hope your son mends quickly! Sounds like he was a trooper.

    • Jackie says:

      Thanks Cassie! So glad to hear you are making progress on the living room updates. But also glad you are keeping your priorities straight…your new little baby comes first :)

  6. Kim says:

    Hope your son heals quickly.

  7. Emily says:

    Hi Jackie, I’m brand new to the blogosphere, and I wanted to let you know that yours is a blog that I love and check daily. I can’t wait to look through all of your mood boards, and I hope your little one heals quickly. I’m a stay at home mom to 3 (soon to be 4!), and I know that these incidents are just as hard (sometimes harder) on the parents than they are on the kiddos themselves. Thanks again for all the inspiration!

    • Jackie says:

      Thank you so much Emily. He was full of energy today, so I am optimistic. He has gotten used to his bulky little cast so quickly and moved on. I just rue the day we have to go get the pins taken out :( Thanks for following along and congrats on baby #4!

  8. Hoping your son has a super speedy recovery!

  9. Janet B says:

    In my experience toddlers recover faster from a traumatic day than the parents.

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