My favorite way to personalize a space and stretch your dollar, is DIY projects. With every custom mood board, I include a bonus board of DIY ideas for the space.  It is my way of spreading the DIY goodness.

A foyer is one of the places in your home where you can have more fun with design.  Since you are not living in that room, it is a good place to try a new style or take some design risks.  To go along with the Grand Welcoming Foyer mood board, I created this roundup of fun DIY ideas.  Read on for all the sources listed below the image.

Foyer DIY Ideas

  1. Rope Wrapped Vases – Make your own vases by upcycling cans.  The rope has wonderful texture.  You can buy jute and sisal at Home Depot.
  2. Painted Spindles – This is a great example of risk-taking in design.  I know this is a bold recommendation, but it was too amazing not to include.  Paint your white spindles in a variety of green tones.  It will definitely draw the eye up the stairs.
  3. Fabric Wrapped Books – Completely customize a decor element with your favorite fabrics.  This project is great for an accent on an entry table or bookshelf..
  4. Jute Wrapped Monogram – Personalize your space with a family monogram.  This one is wrapped in jute for some more wonderful texture.

Have a space you need help with?

My mood boards are like a visual shopping list for your perfect room.  In addition to the mood board, I include a free DIY ideas board for the room.  Get yours here.

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