Master bedrooms are one of the most personal spaces in our homes.  Unfortunately, they are also often the last places we decorate.  There are so many great DIY projects that can make your master bedroom swanky without a lot of time or money!  To help my client finish off her Coral & Navy or Plum & Navy Master Bedroom, I included this roundup of DIY projects with her mood board (a free bonus I do for all clients).  The source list for these great projects is below.

Master Bedroom DIY Ideas

  1. Frames Within a Frame –  My client wanted a way to display more photos of her new bundle of joy in the bedroom.  She also had a large vintage frame she wanted to use in the room.  This is a great project for making a big statement!  This version by Becky Higgins uses a large frame she made and painted, wall paper, and some smaller modern frames.  Instead of wallpaper you could also use fabric for the background.
  2. Painted Rug – I recommended my client use a navy rug in a nook in her bedroom as the foundation of a new dressing area. Then, I suggested saving a little money by stenciling a rug.
  3. Linen Nightstands – Make your own linen nightstands!!!  These are amazing on so many levels.  Would you believe these started as $35 dressers from Ikea?  My client has a large wooden bed, so I really liked the idea of a fabric covered night stands for contrast.
  4. Faux Molding Sliding Doors – These are the nicest looking sliding doors I have ever seen and she did it all with paint on flat slab doors.  My client is enclosing an entire side of her room to create a new closet and needed a sliding door recommendation.  I recommended a semi-DIY on the main mood board to hang french doors on sliders, but this DIY painted option is even more wallet-friendly.

Have a space you need help with?

My mood boards are like a visual shopping list for your perfect room.  In addition to the mood board, I include a free DIY ideas board for the room.  Get yours here.

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One Response to Swanky Master Bedroom DIY Ideas

  1. Amy Fretz says:

    I love all your DIY projects on this one. This gal is going to have a beautiful swanky master bedroom retreat! I especially love the frame within a frame and linen bedside chests!It all works so well together. I hope she submits pictures of her finished room and you share with all of us. Nice work Jackie!

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