Brace yourself, this kitchen mood board is flea market CUTE.  I can’t get over the adorable moss-covered birds.

Many of my clients have blank spaces or a few pieces of furniture they want to keep.  Rarely do they have a bunch of accessories to work with.  This client was different, she already had great accessories, and lots of them to work with.  She just needed help pulling it all together.

I started with a mood board, which included a few recommendations for new accessories, mostly to reinforce the color scheme:

Flea Market Chic Kitchen Mood Board

Then, I did some virtual styling to show my client how to mix her old accessories with the new and get a pulled together look.  So, what’s my secret to virtual styling?  The same is in-person styling…play around!  Sorry if I let you down, but styling is an art.  Sure there are a few “rules”, like group things in odd numbers, arrange things in triangles (tallest in middle, shorter items tapering down sides), etc.  But, I think the best thing to do is just play around until it feels right.

Using images my client set me, I played around with her accessories and the new items I recommended in Photoshop.  I had an idea of how they would look best and started with that.  Then I tweaked and virtually moved things around until I liked it.  I created one arrangement for above her kitchen cupboards.  The smaller arrangement with her existing clock is for the top of her hutch.


RachelCabinetStyling2 It is really difficult to explain to someone how you envision the room be styled.  On most custom mood boards, I am recommending all new accessories and I will show a style vignette right on the mood board.  In this case, I did it separately so I could mix in my client’s existing pieces.

Second only to the cuteness of the moss-covered birds is the gorgeous painted teak bird house.  My client identified birds as one of her decor idols.  I recommended the moss-covered birds for her window sill and the related bird house on top of her hutch.  These two items will make my client smile every time she walks into her kitchen.

Note:  Out of respect to my clients, I share completed mood board designs, but I do not share the source information.  I hope you find the mood boards inspiring.

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2 Responses to Flea Market Chic Kitchen & My Styling Secret

  1. stacy says:

    I LOVE the cieling fan! Finally an attractive way to have a fan in a kitchen/dining space!

  2. Patrina says:

    This board is FABULOUS! Where can i find the 3 vases you have together? Perfect for my house. Great job!

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