While brainstorming ideas for preschool Valentines, my boys were sipping on Apple Strawberry Crushers from Trader Joe’s. A lightbulb went off. They would make super cute “I’ve Got a Crush on You” Valentines.

Crush On You Valentine

I love the idea of giving a healthy treat to preschoolers, instead of candy. The Apple Strawberry Crushers are perfect for Valentines day with their pink pouch and red cap.

Kids too old for Crushers? Read on…I have an idea for how to use this printable for older kids or a Valentine’s party.

Adding a cute label is all these needed to become Valentines.  I created 3″ round chalkboard-style labels that say “I’ve Got a Crush on You”.  I left a narrow white border when cutting them out and then backed them with a slightly larger red circle.  No fancy machines here…I do all my cutting by hand.  Circles are pretty quick and easy to cut.

I wanted to hang the labels around the neck of the crushers.  I opted for twine and a regular hole punch to keep them from looking too girly.  Want to girl it up?  Try pink baker’s twine with a 1/8″ hole punch.

To attach the tags, I punched a hole in each tag and inserted a piece of twine.  Fold the twine in half first and insert the folded end through the hole.  Open the folded end to form a loop and pull the ends of the twine through.  Gently pull on the ends until the loop tightens around the top of the tag.

Crush On You Valentine

Crush On You Valentine

I wrapped the twine around the neck of the crusher.  There is a nice groove at the base of the cap to catch the twine.  I brought the ends back to the front and tied a small bow.

Crush On You Valentine

Crush On You Valentine

The crusher Valentines end up being a little pricier than the XOXO Tic-Tac-Toe Valentines, but can you really put a price on easy assembly?  These are just so easy to make.  I think a 4 pack of Crushers is $2.99, making each Valentine about 75 cents.


Free Printable

Want to make your own Crusher Valentines?  Click here to download the crush on you printable labels.  For older kids, print the same labels on sticker/label paper and slap them on a can of Crush soda.  That same idea could be really cute for favors or beverages at a Valentine’s Day party.



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7 Responses to I’ve Got a CRUSH on You {Printable}

  1. Super cute!! Preschool classes are pretty small right?! That justifies a little extra expense!! I love the red caps, too… How perfect!!

    Question… What type of camera do you have? Your photos are always fab!! My sister and I just started a blog, and I’m collecting “data” on cameras. Ha!!

    • Jackie says:

      Thanks Steph! I might be a little unconventional in the camera department as far as bloggers go. I do not use a traditional DSLR camera. I actually have and LOVE my Fuji X100. It is a nice looking camera, much more portable, and still takes lovely pictures. I just got the new wide angle conversion lens. I will have to do a post about my camera soon!

  2. Angela says:

    Everyone else probably already knows this…but…how do you print/what do you print on to do the blackboard style? Love it!!

    • Jackie says:

      Angela, I did it all for you. Just print the labels with printer set to black and white (grayscale). If you want it super easy, print them on full page label paper and then you can easily cut them out and stick them on the background paper.

  3. Patrina says:

    Thanks Jackie. You have made valentines day easy peasy for me.

  4. Danielle says:

    I featured you today on Blissful and Domestic. Stop by and check it out:>


    Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic

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