Welcome back to one of my favorite new series on Teal & Lime.  I find inspiration in all kinds of places, but I am mostly inspired by interiors, both residential and commercial.  I wanted a more formal way to share some of the spaces I find inspiring.  In this new series, called Be Inspired, I will take you on a tour of amazing homes and spaces in the greater Twin Cities metro area and beyond. 

It is no secret that I love color and interesting color combinations.  So, it will be immediately obvious why I love this space so much.  This space is filled with incredible use of color and a touch of glamour around every corner.  Today I get to give you a special glimpse into the Miroslavich Photography studio.

Melissa and Robin are two of the most amazing women I know.  Melissa is our family photographer, and Robin is her sidekick extraordinaire.  Melissa has the bubbliest personality and the most energy I have ever seen in an adult.  It is what makes her amazing at her work photographing babies, pets, and families.  Robin is the most gracious host.  She can instantly put you at ease whether you are in front of the camera or in the viewing room biting your nails over which gorgeous images to choose.

Photograph by Melissa Miroslavich

Photograph by Melissa Miroslavich

It is no surprise that these two have created an amazing work environment for themselves and their clients to enjoy.  Even though they do lots of photo shoots at clients homes or outdoors, they still invite all clients to the studio for planning sessions, viewing, and picking up photographs.  Melissa and Robin recently moved into this new studio and designed everything from the ground up.  They graciously allowed me to come photograph their studio to share with you. (And, yes.  Photographing a photographers studio is just about as nerve-wracking as it sounds.  I hope my images do it justice.)

When you enter the studio there is a spacious foyer.  The first dose of glamour welcomes you overhead…a drum shade chandelier dripping with crystals.


The foyer walls provide space to showcase some of Melissa’s photography.  Throughout the studio they display photographs with different frames, canvas options, and other unique finishing touches.  It allows them to show clients samples when ordering.



I think one of the most inspiring things about this entire space is the attention to detail.  Great lighting and accent pieces throughout make the space cozy and inviting, like a home.


The foyer opens into a large sitting area for greeting and meeting with clients.  I recently hung out in here for a couple of hours with Melissa for a consultation on upcoming head shots she is taking for me.  It is a fun and energetic room to sit and chat in.


Melissa told me the great striped carpet was once destined for a Victoria’s Secret store.  The store was never built, so the contractor gave Melissa a deal on the carpet.  How cool is that?


Again, the wall space is used to showcase more of Melissa’s amazing work.  How incredible is the teal settee against the hot pink wall?!


The studio is right off the sitting area.  As I was taking photos Melissa rushed in to move stuff out of my way, but I told her I want it to look like a photography studio :)  I just wanted to give you a peek at one of my favorite backdrops Melissa has.  This set of vintage doors in some of my favorite colors.  (And, yes I already had pics in front of them…when I was pregnant with my youngest.)


Every good photo session involves a wardrobe change or two.  Across the way is a spacious dressing room perfect for solo wardrobe changes or a whole family.


I love this one-of-a-kind aged dry sink they are using as a buffet in the dressing room.  It looks amazing mixed in with the other industrial and contemporary elements in the room.  I am a big fan of fearlessly mixing design styles.


Fun color continues in the dressing room, with a comfy orange chair.


Next to the dressing room is where Robin spends a lot of her time.  The viewing room is where Robin puts on a show of all the edited images and helps the family select photos to purchase.  A screen above the couch is used for projecting the images in slide show fashion.


On the other side of the room, there are three chairs.  The two cozy black chairs are the viewing chairs, that hubby and I have sat in many times.  The third chair is where Robin sits.  Next to it is a small c-table for her laptop with the printer (for order sheets and receipts) stowed below.


This room is probably the coziest in the studio.  When the lights dim and your families images splash across the framed screen nothing else in the world matters.  My eyes have welled up so many times sitting in one of those black chairs as I see how beautifully Melissa has captured our family and our memories.


The mural on the wall says it all:


Last, but certainly not least, we have to take a look in the office.


Can you believe how glamorous Ikea furniture can look?  Just add a chandelier and some deep-hued walls.


The love of color does not stop at the interior decorating.  The frame style and color selections they offer are amazing.  And, make for some pretty great decor.  Small cans below hold frame inset style and color samples.


The wall across from the desk is lined with frame corners.  It is both beautiful and functional.  They can remove each frame piece from the wall to show clients.


Source Information

Melissa and Robin have collected much of this furniture and decor over several years and some of it is one-of-a-kind.  The studio is a great example of mixing high and low pieces.  If any of it inspires you, here is a quick recap of where they got all the major pieces:

Foyer: Chandelier – Cocobello, Credenza – Ikea, Table Lamp – Pomegranate Designs, Accent Chair – Home Goods

Sitting Area: Elton Settee in Lagoon Performance Velvet – West Elm, Accent Chairs – Room & Board, Coffee Table – Room & Board, Black Shag Rug – Hom Furniture, Black Bookshelf – Pier 1

Dressing Room: Floor Lamp – Pomegranate Designs, Buffet – A Whimsical Place, Coat Rack – Junk Bonanza, Mirror – Home Goods, Chair – Home Decorators

Viewing Room: Sofa – Room & Board, Accent Chairs – Room & Board, Coffee Table – Room & Board, Trunk End Table – Pier 1, Parsons C-Table with Glass Top – Crate & Barrel, Table Lamps – Cocobello, Vinyl Wall Decal – Uppercase Living

Studio: Vintage Doors – Junk Bonanza

Office: Chandelier – Pomegranate Designs, Desk – Ikea, Snille Swivel Chair in Pink – Ikea, Cabinets – Ikea, Pink Chair – Cocobello

Okay, before you go…tell me what inspired you most about this space?  For me, first and foremost, it is the photography.  Melissa has inspired me to display meaningful art in the form of family photos all around my home.  Second only to her photographs, is the amazing use of color!



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7 Responses to Be Inspired: Miroslavich Photography Studio

  1. Erin says:

    I have been in-love with the coat rack from Room and Board for forever and just need to pull the trigger! I’ve never seen it in a “real” space before – and I still love it just as much. :) Thanks for the fun tour!

  2. Misty says:

    Yet again you lead me to an awesome find to look for fun things! How have I lived here in MN and never gone to the Junk Bonanza? Going now! Thx ;)

  3. I love the deep colors she used…very modern & elegant. But I think I loved that wall mural saying the most…it spoke to my heart. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Melissa says:

    I have admired Melissa’s work for a long time (since I work out nearby) and it was fun to see in their studio. Beautiful! That would make for a very pleasant photo shoot. =) I love the colors, and especially the display wall that combines both color and b/w photos on canvas. That will definitely be inspiration for a future photo wall. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  5. Tessa says:

    Love this! What a fun look into someplace other than a residential space. I, too, love our photographers’ studio and feel like it says a lot about them as artists.

  6. The “mural” on the wall referenced in this blog was a custom uppercase living vinyl design I made for Melissa Miroslavich. I was honored to work with her on this project! I agree that the studio is stunning and very inviting!

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