Happy Friday! I am home with both my littles today for Good Friday. We will be playing lots of Star Wars and Legos. Maybe I will be able to sneak in a few minutes to thumb through these glossies.

I went on a little glossy magazine binge the other day.  I stopped by the magazine aisle to pick up the two magazines featuring projects from one of my blogging faves, Cape27.  Then, I spotted the new HGTV mag, which I love. Then, the clouds parted and the sun shined gloriously down on a copy of Domino, which is back with special editions. Family Circle was only $1 packaged with Ladies Home Journal.


I love magazines. I spend so much time online that it is nice to do some offline browsing, I mean page flipping. Although, I have remarked more than once that I wished there was a pin it button in magazines and catalogs.

My glossy binge gives me an opportunity to share one of my favorite new pieces of furniture. I picked up this plant stand on my last Ikea trip. It was the perfect height and narrow enough to fit under the window across from my desk. I love the white on white action happening in this area of the room.


On the bottom there is a super narrow shelf. I balanced my decorative boxes on it (seen here in my Family room mood board). They are supposed to go in the family room, but I needed something for this spot in the studio. First room done gets all the good stuff… and gives me an excuse to find something else for the family room.

I am using the top as a combo plant stand and magazine holder. The stack of magazines are all the ones I have purchased so far this year (including the issue of Storage featuring Jen from I Heart Organizing).

Ikea Plant Stand

Ikea Plant Stand

Just yesterday I went shopping with my mom for her birthday.  I found this amazing brass water ladle at the thrift store.  I popped my small flowering plant inside. It’s the perfect accent piece for the plant table.

Ikea Plant Stand

I bought some Brasso today to clean it up a bit, but not too much.  I love the patina.  And the extra long, interesting handle is amazing!  The larger aqua ceramic pot is from Home Depot.

Ikea Plant Stand

So are you bingeing on anything lately?  Any magazines you love and can’t go without?

I look forward to a weekend of glossy reading :)




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15 Responses to Bingeing on Glossies

  1. Melissa says:

    Thanks for alerting me to a new issue of HGTV mag. Love that one. Have a great day!

  2. Amelia says:

    Your water ladle is actually a pot for making Turkish coffee :)

    I like the white-on-white look, especially with all the sunlight you have there.

  3. Jessie @ Cape 27 says:

    So sweet Jackie! You’re one of our go-to blogs too! We’re feeling the love :)


  4. What a great post Jackie! I can’t get enough of magazines too. But you could say I’m biased. In addition to writing my own blog (sueathome.com), I’m also the Fashion Editor for LHJ! It was great seeing Ladies’ Home Journal mentioned in your blog. The love is mutual!

  5. Maya says:

    Love! Yep, its a Turkish coffee pot!

  6. It looks really cute. I love Ikea and love that you can get it everywhere in the world (well … almost, I guess). I read a lot of American blogs and then the Ikea products are available for me, too, here in Germany. I love the aqua pot too. I have two of those trees that you have in it and they grow fast. They are now probably 1,30 meters high. I am not good with plants but this one needs only a little bit of water every 3 weeks or so to survive and still it develops well. ;)
    Have a nice easter,

  7. Lauren says:

    That’s good to hear about Domino. But, I really miss Blueprint! There’s so much inspiration out there in the digital world, including your amazing blog. But, like you, I still love a good magazine. BHG is another favorite of mine.

  8. Yes! I am bingeing on magazines also! Being in the midst of the Passover holiday, they are absolutely essential.

  9. I love all the magazines you chose. Am also a fan of Canadian House and Home and Style at Home. Anything that has accessible ideas! No gold thrones or castle like decor!

  10. Shelley says:

    A local tv station has a classified section (KSL.com) with a free section. I scored my first free take home , rose bushes!! Next stop: hoping they transplant well :)

  11. Katherine says:

    I love all storage and organizing magazines, especially the BHG issues. They always have great style and decor ideas as well.

  12. Pam Zirbel says:

    Love that water ladle!!! Great find! And I cannot grow those colancho [forgot how to spell it!] plants !! I can grow Christmas cactus [have 13 of them blooming right now!!] but anyways, love that find from Ikea! I have never looked at Ikea, must look I guess today! Love the drawers you have in the background!!! My mags are just PaperCrafting and Card Maker. But love the Country living and Better Homes and Garden!! Always a fave of BHG!!!

  13. Jen says:

    Your studio is such a happy space, it’s been so fun watching the progress. Thanks for the sweet mention!!! Love ya darling!


  14. Jen says:

    Your studio is such a happy space, it’s been so fun watching the progress. Thanks for the sweet mention!!! Love ya darling!


  15. Alison says:

    I stumbled across your blog and you inspired me within the first 5 minutes! I saw the board you’d put together with this plant stand on and it immediately solved my furniture dilemma. I just bought my first home, and needed a hallway table to break up the 30 ft hall. It’s only about 3 ft wide so I needed something pretty skinny. I toyed with the idea of the turquoise trolley you also had but settled on this. I love it so much! I’m so glad that Ikea is international so I could find this in the UK. Looking forward to reading more!

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