Ahhh…spring is in the air, there is a bounce in my step, and I am feeling über generous today.  Well, the truth is, this favorite sources post got away from me.  I had a hard time narrowing down my favorite rug sources and an even harder time picking my favorite three rugs from each source.  So get ready for a big long graphic with lots of great sources for rugs!

I am sharing my top 15 sources for area rugs.  That means there are 45 rugs on the graphic below!  There are a bunch of budget-friendly sources in here, like Urban Outfitters and RugsUSA, but I have also included favorite sources for investment rugs.  Just remember the budget-friendly to splurge-worthy order is relative to each source, and doesn’t necessarily mean a source has a budget-friendly rug for your budget.  For example, the cheapest rug at The Rug Company is more expensive than almost all the rugs in this post.

What Should You Budget for a Rug

You can find rugs at all different price points.  I think an 8×10 area rug for any less than $650 is a great deal.  That is kind of my guideline.  If you need a 8×10 rug, don’t expect to find a quality one at that size for less than about $250.  To get the biggest bang for your buck look for flatweave (also called Dhurrie or Kilim), printed cotton, or indoor/outdoor rugs.  They are generally cheaper than wool and natural fiber rugs, but you sacrifice plush-ness and texture.  The quality of indoor/outdoor rugs has improved greatly and some are very soft.  I recommend indoor/outdoor rugs for homes with young children and pets.  The more expensive rugs will be wool, silk, natural fiber, handmade, or vintage.  More expensive rugs will be thicker, more plush, or have beautiful texture.

Why You Might Consider Spending More on a Rug

I used to be a rug bargain hunter, but now that I have owned some higher quality rugs (like this one from Room & Board and this one from RugsUSA) I see the value of investing in a rug.  A beautiful, high quality rug can outlast many other pieces in your home.  Quality and durability are important to a rugs lifespan, because you are going to be walking on it every day.  A great rug has the power to transform a room.  It is often the biggest dose of color or pattern in the room and can instantly set the design style.  Bottom-line: rugs are an important design element.

My Favorite Rug Picks

If you have browsed my mood board gallery, then you know I love a good rug.  I preference geometric patterns and great color.  If I am looking for a neutral color, the rug texture becomes much more important.  Below the graphic I have included all the source links and some comments on why I like each source.  Here are 45 of my favorite rugs:

Favorite Sources for Area Rugs

Overstock – Great prices and sometimes free shipping on rugs.  If I see a rug I like on a flash sale site, I like to check for the same rug on Overstock.  Occasionally you can find the same rug at the same or lower price.  Overstock accepts returns, unlike most flash sale sites.  Pictured: Hand-Hooked Blue/White RugThorne Jute RugHandmade Ikat Rug

Zinc Door – A well-curated selection of rug brands at low to high prices.  I love every single rug they sell.  Pictured: Nyasha White/Wild LimeAnchor Pigeon Woven Wool RugArabesque Coral Rug

RugsUSA – I proudly own a RugsUSA rug.  I have had it in my family room for over a year and it makes the room.  They have a huge selection of rugs from some I think are hideous to some of the most beautiful rugs I have ever seen.  Use the search filters to make browsing easier.  Some of my favorites include their affordable overdyed rugs and anything in the RugsUSA Homespun and Handmade lines.  Pictured: Overdyed Grove Turquoise RugTrellis Navy RugHomespun Maia Trellis Gold Rug

Land of Nod – Did I surprise you with this one?  And, I am not just including this for the kiddos.  Yes, this sister site to Crate & Barrel caters to children, but some of their rugs are anything but childish.  Look here for fun rugs for kids rooms, play rooms, and family rooms.  Pictured: Magic CarpetChevron and OnCrow’s Feet

Crate and Barrel – Their selection is relatively small, but exclusive and unique.  The color selection is limited as well.  They always have great patterns that will be timeless. Pictured: Chevron Outdoor RugJasper Aqua RugKipp Yellow Rug

West Elm – Great stop for flatweave dhurries.  I love their bold stripes and Moroccan inspired patterns. Some of their rugs are even available in matching pouf form. Pictured: Gradated Stripe Cotton RugBazaar Wool DhurrieIstanbul Rug

Urban Outfitters – Gets my vote for one of the most budget-friendly sources.  If you want a fun pattern in sizes up to 5×8 or 8×10, Urban Outfitters is a good source.  They carry a lot of flatweave and printed rugs, which makes them affordable.  They will definitely add pattern to a room, but might lack plushness.  Rugs from here are great for casual spaces.  Pictured: Assembly Home Mixed Striped RugArrowhead RugFlokati Rug

World Market –  They kind of have a random mix of rugs, but a decent size selection.  They carry more rugs online than they display in stores.  I have eyed that Pom Pom rug for my son’s nursery for quite a while. Pictured: Chevron Indoor Outdoor RugLight Natural Cowhide RugPom Pom Rug in Ocean

The Rug Company – If you have a low-budget, you might not want to even tempt yourself by looking here.  You might ruin yourself from ever again seeing beauty in a lower priced rug.  Be forewarned must rugs on this site are $1000 and up for an 8×10 size.  The prices might be crazy high, but the rugs are also crazy beautiful.  If you want to invest in a quality rug that will last a lifetime, shop here.  Pictured: Haveli Chevron Blue, Cable Neutral, Sellarsbrook Yellow

RH Baby & Child – Another kid store that should not be overlooked when you are rug shopping.  The rugs are higher priced with corresponding higher quality.  A lot of them are neutral and subdued, but there are a few colorful styles mixed in.  Many of their styles would work will in an upscale kids room (of course) or equally well in an adult formal space.  Pictured:  Union Jack Patchwork KilimJardin Wool & Silk Flatweave RugMaxime Embroidered Chenille Rug

Pure Home – Another beautifully curated selection of rug brands.  The rug I want for our family room is available here.  Pictured: Jill Rosenwald Zuna Navy RugGenevieve Gorder Uzbek Green RugAimee Wilder Yellow Zig Zag

Dash & Albert – Two words: colorful and stripes!  Dash & Albert is a dose of happy in the rug world.  They have cotton rugs, tufted and hooked wool rugs, as well as indoor/outdoor rugs.  When I finally make the plunge for a runner in my kitchen, it will be from here.  Pictured: Diamond Canary Indoor/Outdoor RugYacht Stripe Woven Cotton, Hot House Spring Wool Micro Hooked Rug

Home Decorators – They have a huge selection and some styles I could do without, but there are also some great finds.  I think the prices are really good.  If you need a Martha Stewart fix, this is your place. Pictured: Piper Hand-Hooked Area RugMartha Stewart Living Full Bloom, Mystic Wool Area Rug

Ikea – This source is the exception to the rule on cost.  You can get large, extremely affordable rugs at Ikea.  An Ikea rug always makes a fun, bold statement.  Pictured: Lappljung RutaIkea PS 2012, Koldby

Target – Another affordable source.  Target carries more rugs online than they do in stores, including some other brands.  Target’s best rugs are from their exclusive Threshold and Room 365 brands.  Pictured: Threshold Hooked Chevron Rug, Room365 Geometric Rug, Threshold Inez Rug

Okay, you know the deal…I showed you mine, now you show me yours.  What are you favorite sources for rugs?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.   I may receive a commission on purchases made after following an affiliate link.



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22 Responses to My Favorite Sources: Rugs

  1. Sabrina says:

    I’m so thankful you sourced the rug in your living room. I had to have it! It just came in yesterday and I’m so very happy!

  2. Kersten says:

    I’m in love with Flor for making rugs out of their carpet tiles. They have a few stores to visit, but the catelog/website is amazing. Complete flexibility on getting the right size. So many color choices. Huge selection in textures. Extremely durable. We have one under our kitchen table (Lasting Greatness style) where our 1 & 3 year-olds regularly eat. I have peeled up the tile that gets ketchup on it and washed it in the sink! Not to mention affordable – depending on what you choose and 8×10 can be $360-$840.

    • Jackie says:


      I am a Flor lover too. We actually have Lasting Grateness in our kitchen as well!

    • Teresa says:

      Wow, what a cool idea the Flor carpet tiles are! Thank you for mentioning them. I have just looked at their site and I love the options. Question; Do you simply peel off a stained “tile”, wash it and then it ‘sticks’ right back? Wonder how that works and if you need to buy a backing no-slip mat for underneath. thanks for any suggestions.

      • Jackie says:

        Teresa, We’ve never had any spills or stains yet that required us to remove and wash a tile. We’ve been able to wipe anything off with a damp cloth. We did choose a low pile version for our high traffic dining room for that reason. Also, you don’t need a no-slip mat. The tiles are backed. Hope that helps.

        • Teresa says:

          Thanks Jackie! Yep it does. And it sounds like it’s easy enough to blot/spot clean due to perhaps a protectant of some kind instilled in the product itself? Kind of in line with the whole easy-care and durable product offering that it is? seems so. I’m eager to order some samples and make some designs in rooms. Primarily going with dining room-under-dining-table option and for my 2 rental homes that have hardware flooring in there. Seems a great solution for that! :)

          • Teresa says:

            Oh, and P.S….thank you much for the Area Rug, etc. breakdown that got me to your blog in the first place! Very thorough, informative, and inspired!

  3. Beth says:

    This post is awesome!! Thanks for all the great info!

  4. CohoesMom5 says:

    I just bought a *very* cheap rug at Big Lots. It is a printed flat weave and kind of rough texture. I have been saving for a rug in the family room to bring in some bright colors but I just couldn’t pass this one up (it has the orange, green, and brown that I was looking for) as a temporary rug until I save up enough for a good rug. It was $30 for the 5 x 8 rug. It will work for now.

  5. Jessica says:

    This is a GREAT post! Nevertheless, I’m glad I’m not looking for a rug right now. :-) Can’t wait to see the mood board for my daughter’s room!

  6. Vicki says:

    Great post – thanks for the resources!

  7. Gilit says:

    I LOVE these posts! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and expertise!

  8. Katie says:

    Great post. I also like cb2 and com

  9. SarahN says:

    Can I just say, Australia does NOT do rugs like USA! And it is sad. I don’t think anyone here has heard of a geometric (save for Ikea). It’s shag or Afgan/turkish etc etc. Took me SO long to find a rug!!

  10. Megan says:

    This guide is awesome/amazing/the best rug guide I’ve come across! Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Thanks so much for naming us as one of your favorite sources! We’re so glad you love our rugs! We love the collection you’ve put together.

  12. Nancy says:

    Do you know who is the supplier or manufacturer for the rugs sold at Urban Outfitters?

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