I spend way too much time on Pinterest.  I have the app on my phone and it is just so convenient.  Sometimes I just browse the feeds.  Sometimes I have an idea and go to Pinterest for related inspiration.  I also do my fair share of pinning.  I am working back through all the posts I have starred in my Google Reader from pre-Pinterest days and pinning them.

Pinterest has rapidly become the top referring source of traffic to my blog.  And, it is no wonder why…we are all addicted to it.  I most certainly spend more time on Pinterest than all the other social sites (Facebook and Twitter) combined.  As much traffic as I get from Pinterest, I give it right back.  Pinterest has become one of my favorite ways to find new-to-me blogs.

Yesterday was a snow day here and my plans to work on the basement were dashed.  During brief breaks throughout the day where my son played Angry Birds, I took some time to clean up my Pinterest boards.  I made sure all my titles were in order.  It was kind of weird that I kept pinning hair styles and makeup tutorials to my Fashion board.  I renamed it Fashion & Beauty.  I also edited all my cover photos.  I think my Pinterest page looks mighty fine now and very much represents the Teal & Lime brand.


I added a new widget to the sidebar of the blog.  It shows you What I’m Pinning from all my boards real-time.  You can see the latest right there and click on through to pin it yourself.  You will also be able to tell when I go on an obsessive pinning spree of red and blonde highlighted hair or French drying racks.


Lastly, I released one of my secret pin boards……..ooh!  I use my secret boards mostly for client work, and I had one dedicated to DIY ideas.  Since the DIY ideas are a free bonus with a mood board purchase, I began to wonder why I was keeping them secret.  There were more than 180 awesome ideas on that board, and it is the board I pin to most often.  So, I took the step I can never take back (according to Pinterest) and made my secret board public.  I am all about the free exchange of DIY ideas.


With all my Pinterest updates, I want to invite you to follow me on Pinterest.  It’s like a crazy view into how my mind works and what inspires me.

P.S. Want a fun way to see what other readers are pinning from Teal & Lime?  You can go to here to see a feed of all the Teal & Lime content being pinned.  Might help you discover a great project from my archives.  It kind of gives you a view into what’s popular any given day.  Of course, repinning Teal & Lime goodness is always welcome and encouraged :)


4 Responses to Pin Along With Me

  1. Jennysue says:

    I really love Pinterest also!! Your boards look beautiful :) It does make a difference when you take the time to edit the board covers and organize it all. I just started following you!


  2. Melissa says:

    Oooooh! Loving your DIY Pinterest board!!! Thanks for sharing! Will send you updates on my LR soon…

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