I am back today with another video. It was fun to put together the first one, and you had the sweetest comments. So, I plan to make videos a regular element around here.

Today’s video is all about what I spend most of my time doing…mood boards. I started out doing them for myself, and now I offer custom mood board services. In the video, I let you in on the real reason I started creating mood boards. Plus, you get to see me working in my studio and a sneak peek at a few other areas of my home.

In case you wonder about what I am wearing, I thought I would give you the wardrobe details before you ask. The orange top is from Hot Mama (about a year ago). The linen blazer is from Banana Republic (also about a year ago). The cropped jeans are Levis skinny jeans that are too short for me…I where them inside boots or folded up as capris. The blue and white floral flats are from Target (very recently). Can you tell I am aching for spring to really get here? I am starting to wear my summer wardrobe around the house!

Please, please, please let me know what you think. I tried my hand at a little more video editing this time, and even got the hubby to help me add music in the background.

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27 Responses to Why I Mood Board {VIDEO}

  1. Jessie says:

    Hi Jackie,
    The video was pretty good. Thanks for sharing. The editing looks pretty seamless.

    Only think I would adjust is the volume of the music. At times your voice is overpowered by the music.

    Just an idea


    • Jackie says:

      Thanks Jessie. The music volume has been turned way down in all the clips where I am talking. Thanks for the suggestion…I am still a total newbie at this!

  2. Jackie Birch says:

    Am loving it, great way to get to know someone more personal, being able to put a voice to the words, like above the music overpowered your voice a bit, apart from that awesome :)

  3. Cathy says:

    I thought the same thing as Jessie, but just to clarify… you are very soft-spoken (so calming!), but just keep that in mind for videos. Otherwise, you seemed more relaxed in this one. Great job. I’m sure it comes with practice, right? I for one can’t even imagine doing videos of myself. :)

    • Jackie says:

      Cathy, My hubby would roll around laughing at anyone thinking I am soft spoken! That is actually the one part of my character that seems to come across wrong on video. I am actually pretty loud and outgoing. It must be the nerves! Anyway, I have turned the music way down so you can hear me better. Thanks!

  4. Annette K says:

    Please leave out the music as it is very distracting. Otherwise, great job!

    • Jackie says:

      Sorry Annette. I was trying something new, and wanted some sort of sound in the non-talking clips. I adjusted the music volume in the talking clips. You were totally right…the new version is much easier to follow with way softer music.

  5. Michelle says:

    I agree with the above. Your soft spoke nature (which is great!) is overcome sometimes by the music. Also, the music seemed to be a little too soothing/relaxing and it was easy for me to daydream..ha ha. Maybe its just that time of day.

    How about some video house tours?!

    You look so natural, keep them coming :)

  6. Brenda says:

    Yes, I agree. There were times I couldn’t really understand what you were saying because the music was overpowering. The video overall was great!

  7. Jessica says:

    Great job! I’m even more excited to see the mood board for my daughter’s room!

  8. Melissa says:

    I loved this video! You are great on video Jackie! And I personally LOVED the music. It was really interesting hearing about your process and getting to hear you tell it in your beautiful space. =) And thanks for sharing about your software too. Have a great day!

  9. Gwen says:

    Today is the first time the video worked. YouTube was better than Vimeo for my iPad. I like the videos. I did not know mood boards were your new concept. Every time youve posted one, i glean a bit even though my style may not be the style of the board theres always something i learn from them. I really like your post. So professional. Combination of a craft, a DIY in a grand scale or small, love the shop and compare days…yes, this is a top notch asset to all of us out here. And by the way, I noticed your summery clothes and I giggled for its pretty nice here and sunny but I’m in long sleeves and socks!!!

  10. Lisa says:

    Loved it! The music didn’t distract me at all and I thought your voice sounded clear. I love that shot with you sitting at your desk. You should get a still shot to use for advertising. I liked that you shared the story about your husband. Mine has the same complaint so I have to find a way to share my vision for his buy in.

    • Jackie says:

      Thanks Lisa! I just went to view the head shots my photographer took the other day. The package I purchased included a headshot and an editorial pic. The editorial is of me at my desk…but for extra fun I am sitting on top of it! Can’t wait to share as soon as I get the pictures.

  11. Shelley says:

    So, my hubby brought up a good point ; mood boards don’t help with space planning… ( Or does it? )

    • Jackie says:

      Shelley, Mood boards do not directly help with space planning. I include basic placement guidance in the written descriptions included in the source list. Clients provide measurements so I can ensure recommended pieces will fit in their space. I also offer a space plan as an add on service for clients that want more specific guidance. The majority of my clients are happy with their room layout an just want help with decorating or buying new furniture.

      • Stephanie says:

        I bought a double mood board a month ago. I have a odd layout and could never decide where to put the couch. While I can’t verify everything will fit (I’m not at that phase yet) , she did give general placement thoughts on a few pieces which was a big help. Also, if she hadn’t done that, she gives you a certain amount of pieces which helps a ton in figuring out where to put what where.

        I have my mood board and am thrilled I did it! My rooms aren’t finished, I’m in the midst of painting and purchasing. I highly recommend Jackie!!

  12. jessvii says:

    The music was nice. I could hear you clearly. There was a little bit of an echo to your voice when you were in the corner of your office – might want to add some echo-dampening elements if you continue to use that spot for videos.

  13. Looking forward to a house tour video :)

  14. wendy says:

    I love it all! I’m always so inspired by your ideas and even if they’re not always the right fit for my space, I always glean something new that I take away and “file” for later. Our love of color is something we share–when I did my son’s room in turquoise, olive, and chocolate brown 6 years ago, people thought I was so “unconventional” and “daring” yet I couldn’t really explain how those colors “spoke” to me. I love hearing how your process unfolds in your brain and the mood boards are such a huge goal toward that end. Keep the videos coming! I love them–music and all! :)

  15. Kismet says:

    I must have seen it after you turned down the music because it wasn’t too loud. I did think at the very beginning when you started speaking, “uh oh, she must have one of the boys napping” But I loved both vids and look forward to more! Great job.

  16. Gina Amante says:

    Thank you for the wardrobe info. I never would have picked out those shoes, but they looked so darn cute on you. And Target…I can afford that :-) So went and got them this weekend! My husband looked at me like I was crazy since they are not my style, but I wore them to work today (with yellow skinny jeans and a navy sweater) and am getting compliments left and right! Thanks for helping me to think outside my box :-) And gorgeous new profile pic. You look sooo thin! I know this isn’t a fashion blog, but your good taste just happens to spill over in that area, too, apparently :-)

    • Jackie says:

      Gina, the yellow skinny jeans sound fabulous. How fun you get to work at a place where good fashion is recognized and commented on. My former corporate career in IT was so different…you stood out (in a bad way) if you were too fashionable or colorful. I love having more freedom now. I have the same flats in the nude patent leather and love them, too.

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