I am not a fan of traditional wing chairs. But, modern updated wing chairs are a big trend now. I have become obsessed.

Since we took down the christmas tree, we have had a big empty space in the living room.  When we moved in we put a day bed there, but it was too big.  We replaced the day bed with a play table for the boys Legos. We have since moved the play table downstairs.


The empty space post Christmas tree gave us the opportunity to start fresh.  The only thing we wanted for this space was something adult! Something for us to enjoy. I dreamed of a cozy reading chair…a modern wing back.

Here is the short list of amazing chairs I considered at all different price points. One of the below has tugged at my heart-strings for months.

Modern Teal Wing Back chairs

1.  West Elm Victor Armchair in Lagoon  2. Ikea Strandmon Wing Chair  3. Cb2 Study Wingback Chair  4. World Market Pacific Blue Elliot Wingback Chair  5. Z Gallerie Edie Accent Chair  6. Room & Board Boden Chair

My love has finally come home. Meet Bo, my new Boden wing back. He is a great at cuddling!  In my opinion, he is hands-down the most comfortable of the bunch (although there are a couple above I have not personally sat in).

Boden Chair

If you clicked through the links above you might have noticed he is the priciest, at least with the ottoman included. I did not set out to buy the most expensive one, and certainly don’t think it’s the best because of the high price tag. He was just the one. I could have settled for any of the others, they are all nice. But, I don’t believe in settling. You should never settle in your home.

Room & Board Boden Chair

I met Bo at the Room & Board outlet…one of the best furniture related perks to living in the Twin Cities. We have furnished most of our home with R&B furniture at about 25-50% off retail price. Bo was still pricey at $1299 for the chair and ottoman, but that was a $400 savings off the retail price. Normally we scout the store for a while…pieces that don’t sell usually get marked down again the next weekend. We have also learned over time what pieces go fast. Bo would have been gone before next weekend if I had not snatched him up. And, any Bodens that do hang around longer than a week don’t seem to get marked down again.

Another bonus to R&B outlet shopping is the custom fabrics. R&B offers all their furniture in multiple fabric options, but for non-stock choices the wait can be 8-10 weeks. If your lucky you can find custom fabrics at the outlet. Bo is stocked in a polyester blend fabric and leather, but ours is Blue Cambridge (a wool blend fabric). It is a beautiful wool felt-like material.  Finding it at the outlet spared us an 8-10 week wait.


I know spending $1300 on a chair sounds a bit crazy to some (okay, maybe totally insane). I could have bought an appliance or couch for that price. We just believe in investing in pieces we love. Last year it was one of our home goals to grow our furniture collection, and it seems we are continuing into this year. The first few years in any home is the time to find the right furniture for the space. We have been very happy with all our R&B furniture for years. We also love that most of their furniture, including the Boden chair, is made in America.

Bo is my new reading, blogging, chillin’ spot. He has a pretty sweet spot in the living room. This is the kind of chair that screams for his backside to be seen. In this open corner we get to marvel at his nice lines every time we walk by.

Room & Board Boden Chair

To complete the reading area, I brought in the small bamboo Tetris shelf (another R&B outlet find from years ago) from the office to serve as a side table.  The striped pillow is on loan from the sofa until I find the right pillow for Bo.  I also need to find a reading lamp.


I expect to spend lots of time cuddling with Bo. If you ever wondered if I blog in my pajamas…I don’t. But cuddling up to Bo in my pajamas while writing or editing pictures sounds mighty enticing :)

4 Responses to Wing Chair Love Affair

  1. It looks good! Though out of your collection, I would have chosen no. 4 or 5 – and taking into consideration the price tag, rather no. 4. I love their lagoon colors and prefer the more curvy (old-fashioned) look over the very modern look. What a nice reading nook you have now!

  2. Gwen says:

    I rather agree with you. I think furniture is less expensive than in the 80’s! I spent 800 way back then and I’m not wealthy.
    But it’s wonderful to have your special spot where you can read, research, and yes if you want, in pjs!! But it has an ottoman and you got both pieces for your price And I’ve found comfort is a lot when it comes to your chair. The perfect spot and color.

  3. Mary says:

    I love love love your pick! A wonderful piece to have for a very long time. As I was scrolling down it was the one I would have chosen.

  4. I’m surprised I haven’t run into you at the R&B outlet. Half our house is furnished with stuff from there!

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