I have a fun, moody kitchen makeover to share with you today.  My client, Lindsey’s favorite color is purple, and she and her husband are big University of Tennessee fans, so they wanted some orange in the mix.  She told me to go wild!  Here is the before picture:


Lindsey surprised me last week with a thorough in progress update and some after pictures.  The kitchen nook looks incredible.  I love this room, because Lindsey wasn’t afraid to take risks (even some bigger risks than I suggested).  Here is the mood board I created:

PageLines- WildLoungeKitchen.jpg

First of all, they went dark and moody with the walls.  It’s incredible!  The wall color I suggested was Sherwin Williams Mystical Shade, but after trying samples on the wall they went all in and chose Sherwin Williams Black Fox. (Never mind the adorable photo-bombing puppy).


The fun orange curtain panels are from the mood board, but to get the right size and save money Lindsey bought the same fabric and made them herself.


Some floating shelves, inspired by the ones on the mood board, are the perfect spot to display a pint glass collection.  Lindsey says:

A local restaurant does Glass Night once a week for certain breweries and for special events, such as Elvis Week (he is kinda a big deal here in Memphis), John Lennon’s Birthday, and major holidays, we have collected quite a few over the years and the shelves will be a great way to display them.


On the other side of the nook, a Target bookshelf with Ikea baskets serves as the foundation for a command center.  Above is a mini gallery with a tack strip for notes, the framed tea towel suggested on the mood board, and other meaningful art.  She styled the shelves with fun orange and purple accessories (love the purple owl on the bottom shelf).


Last, but not least, my favorite part of the room…the DIY bar lights.  Instead of purchasing the gorgeous, but pricey marquee lights on the mood board, Lindsey DIYed her own.  UPDATE: Lindsey was kind enough to share her marquee light tutorial with all of us.



Tell me, what’s your favorite part of this makeover?  Are you loving the moody walls, the fun pops of color, or digging the bar lights?  I just want to go over and have a beer with Lindsey :)



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8 Responses to Before & After: Wild Lounge Kitchen Nook

  1. Patrina says:

    Very interesting. Love the curtains!

  2. Amy says:

    The curtains are gorgeous, but the bar lights are definitely my favorite!

  3. Juneau says:

    Love this room! It is inviting and so fun to look at. The dark walls set off the drapes creating a beautiful focal point.

  4. Pam Zirbel says:

    What a fun corner!! Love the wall color!! Love the curtains and I am definately not an orange color fan as Syracuse [a couple towns over from me] is all orange and kind of sick of them!! LOL] but LOVE the curtains and the print! She did a great, you BOTH, did a great job!!! Love the message area too!

  5. Love it! Looking forward to seeing the light up sign tutorial, I expect that will go pinterest-ly MAD! I wish ikea would do a ‘sixer’ in their expedit range, there is such a market for it. This target one is a great alternative.

  6. heidi says:

    I love that “BAR” light. Can’t wait for the tutorial.

  7. Madison says:

    I love those pillows from the mood board (10), do you know where I can find them?

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